Hi, I am RJ of RJ’s QTs. RJ’s QTs my flock of sheep and goats that call the Straw Family Farm home.  This Fiber Farm is more then just your average fiber farm.  It is where you can be a part of our lives in so many ways.  Not only do we have several small spinners flocks that we use to produce the fiber needed to make our own yarn and rovings but we are also open for farm visits.  The QTs flock is home to angora goats that we use to  produce a yarn and rovings, as well as serveral small sheep flocks that we use to produce breed specific rovings and batts.  They include Shetland, a few Southdown Babydolls and a few Dorsets.  We also have our own Designer Sheep that we Call QT sheep.  They are our own personal Crosses with the softest fleece we have ever grown.  We also have a few natural colored Shetlands and angora goats.  All together we work hard to produce Natural products from Fleece to Finished Garment.  From our feed to our products we try to never tamper with God or Mother Nature’s Perfections.
You are not only welcome to come to the farm to see the animals but we encourage you to stay for the experience.  Most of our animals have come from sale barns where they were being shipped off to slaughter but now they love to have you come hand feed them, walk amongst them and even some who are ready to let you try your hand at riding them.  If animals aren’t your thing there is always a few quiet spot to just sit and read or take in the fresh country side.  There is even a spot for the fisherman to come try his hand on the pond and provide his family with dinner for the day.  And for our Gardeners our community flower and Fiber Gardens will always need tending.  From Animal lovers to Fiberholic, to Gardeners, to Fisherman, we have something for everyone and adventure for the whole family where you can build memories to last a lifetime.
If a tradtional farm visit just isn’t possible, don’t worry,  You are always welcome to come join us here on the web and follow us and the animals through any one of many social media.  Facebook, twitter, plurk, ravelry and the blog are all ways that you can use to become a part of everything from naming the newborns to helping me figure out my homework.  No matter how you take your adventure, we will always try to make sure you feel like a part of the family.