Kidding Season

So this Kidding season came in with bad weather and in such a hurry.  This winter has been hard on all the livestock.  If you follow us on Facebook you know that we lost Reba, Ms. Zebu and her baby within the last month.  Then we went into Kidding season before Lambing season but the weather isn’t what it normally is for March.  It is very cold.  With wind chills pushing the temps down into the negatives some nights.

Leighton began kidding giving birth to a large boy that was named Superman after Grandfathers and Fathers everywhere.



Then Holly gave birth to Triplets.  The fast born was breech but really didn’t cause any issues.  Sadly, we lost the littlest one that was the first born.  Her name was Maxine.  The two remaining are Bella and Ashley.



Sweetie was next to go.  She gave birth to twins Leo and Lois.  However, it is so cold out in the barn that they weren’t eating enough to thrive.  So we pulled them and brought them in the house and put them on a bottle.  Mom milks Sweetie and then we bottle feed them in front of the fire to keep them warm.


With all that is going on and as cold as it is we are keeping a tight watch on everyone.  We have reworked the barn and put in more lights and everyone is still wearing their jackets.  Here is a video update on them all.