Birthday Give away

So for Mom’s birthday we are doing a give away.  We got an autographed copy of the book “Just Like you , Little Lamb” that includes a pattern for little lamb and we are including a skein of pink hand spun yarn.  (the picture isn’t great but the yarn and color are amazing)


To enter to win you must guess Mom’s age on her next birthday which is Feb 6th.  You can enter either on youtube, Facebook or here but remember where ever you enter you must either like, sub or follow us on that social media.  Have fun and if more then one person guesses correctly, all correct answers will be entered into a random drawing!

4 thoughts on “Birthday Give away

  1. We are guessing you are either no longer interested in the prize or you didn’t watch the video with the drawing results. If we don’t hear from the winner by next week we will redraw


  2. I’m going to guess it’s a big one – maybe 50? The yarn looks beautiful!
    Found your channel and have enjoyed watching your adventures from Annapolis, MD. Your videos on using saltwater to keep water from totally freezing in a tough, was super helpful.
    Keep up the good work.


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