Not a kid post – This is Bad

THIS IS NOT A CHILD FRIENDLY POST.  Let me just say that if a child is with you DO NOT READ THIS POST OUT LOUD.  IF YOU ARE A CHILD GO GET A PARENT BEFORE YOU CONTINUE AND SHOW THEM THIS WARNING …. There are no pictures so you are safe there but this isn’t a topic you want to be discussing with your child until you decide the time is right … Please read the post first and then decide if it is something you want to share with them.  KIDS DO WHAT YOUR PARENT SAYS!!!




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So today was really weird … Okay the day wasn’t weird but the issue that happened was.  I am not sure how it happened but I just know it some how did.  As many of you know, it is breeding season around here.  That means all the men but one Merino have a set of ladies.

It also means that if there is a stretch of fence shared on the pens we often see them try to tussle with each other.  As you may have read yesterday Matthew, the Billy Goat and Burl, the Shetland ram, were fighting.  Matthew even escaped and there was head butting going on.  Unbeknownst to us something happened in one of those two encounters.

First, let me say that the only sign something was wrong was that Burl was limping.  So when I saw him today I decided to check him out.  Yesterday we thought that Matthew may have just hit him hard and being larger had boogered him up a bit.  Today I caught him and when I flipped him to check his legs I got a surprise and not a good one.

When I flipped him I found that his scrotum had a tear in it and one of his testicles was exposed.  We think that Matthew may have got him with a horn.  I called Doc and he said that the only thing to do is finish the job.  That is right.  Burl and Matthew’s fighting led to Burl being castrated by Matthew.  He just didn’t do it all the way or Right for that matter.

So Even though it isn’t the right time of year to be castrating a breeding ram … It happened.  So what now.  Well, first we don’t have the money right now to replace him.  So I am going to have to sell him to get the money to get another ram.  That means Burl is going to the sale barn.  Sadly, he is to old for anything else.  At the ripe old age of Four His breeding career has come to an end.  He is also to old for Freezer camp.  When meat is growing if it gets full testosterone it makes the meat tough and not very tasty.

I know that doesn’t sound very nice and that we should keep him for fiber but the honest truth is that a small farm like us can’t afford to lose an entire Crop of lambs for a year and their fiber.  So it is the lesser of two evils.  One Ram gone to save a years crop by allowing us to purchase another ram.

On a more upscale note Wilbur and Carl are doing amazing.  They are going on patrol with Mom each evening and most nights.  They are both doing well but Carl is doing the best while Wilbur is all over the place.  Mom has learned that taking them each out one at a time is better then taking them out together as when they are together Wilbur won’t listen at all.  She says he is like a ADD dog.  We are hoping that within a few more months the pups will be on full patrol with Jethro.

6 thoughts on “Not a kid post – This is Bad

  1. Thank you we are hoping he covered his Ladies as well. I wanted to keep my Shetlands pure so we are praying it all works out for the best. Also thank you for the wishes .,… I don’t really feel any different.., LoL


  2. My sympathies for the loss of Burl to your breeding program. I hope you can find a good Shetland to replace him with & that he had ‘settled’ a good bit of his flock already. Gotlands are pretty nice to spin, but as you say not ideal for you.

    I’m not on FB so I will say “Happy Birthday RJ” here :-).
    Also compliments to your sister on her horse, it is looking good.


  3. So sorry you’ve lost a ram. Hope you can replace him quickly so you don’t lose the whole breeding season.


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