He said a very bad word

So I guess it is time to come clean about why we have been so quiet about what is going on with the puppies of the farm.  If you follow us on Facebook you know that just over a week ago Carl got very sick.  Then within days Wilbur did the same thing.  We thought it was something they ate … Boy were we wrong.

So Carl was just fine when I was playing with him about 3 pm one days last week.  By the time I put the Puppies in the house and Mom got home less then two hours later Carl was throwing up and couldn’t stand up very well.  Things got worse pretty quickly.  He got a fever that came on really quick that lead to him shaking from being feverish.  His muscles started to tremble and he couldn’t control any part of his body.  After some talking we had come to the conclusion that Carl had probably ingested some of the mushrooms that had been popping up around the farm over the last few weeks.

Carl then started to act like his belly hurt so he was treated for pain with a shot of medication we had on hand. If it didn’t work we could get something different in the morning from Doc’s office.  We gave him the shot and then we also gave him some saline solution under the skin to help him stay hydrated.  Mom put out a call for Prayers on Facebook and after that we put him in a kennel on a pillow right by me as I was sleeping on the couch.

I slept all night with my hand in the Kennel on Carl.  He stayed calm and slept really well.  Mom got up and checked on him several times in the night.  By the time that Mom got up to start her day Carl was ready to start his as well.  He stood up and walked right out of the kennel over to Mom.  He was wobblie but he was fine.  We kept a close eye on him for the next day or so and he stopped wobbling and was back to his old self in about 48 hours.

The next day Wilbur showed signs of the same thing.  He never threw up like Carl did but he was much more wobblie.  We thought it would pass as it had with Carl but Mom put out a call for Prayer on Facebook anyway.  Wilbur didn’t seem to be in pain.  So we kept him hydrated and in a kennel in the living room just as we had for Carl.  However, things didn’t go as they had with him.

Wilbur got worse.  He wobbled more and more and then couldn’t stand.  By The third Night He couldn’t do anything but lay on his belly and his head would bob around.  That is when we decided that we would treat Wilbur as we had Carl.  Another call for Prayer was put out and we waited to see if Wilbur was strong enough to pull through it as Carl had.

Wilbur got a shot just as Carl did and then we did the saline solution under the skin.  By the next morning Wilbur was improving but not as well as Carl had.  First thing Monday Mom sent Me with Wilbur over to Doc’s while she went to work.   She said that she didn’t think we were right on the first diagnosis and she wanted Doc to figure it out.  After an exam and a test or two it was confirmed.

Wilbur hadn’t eaten anything … In fact neither had Carl.  They both had DISTEMPER!  For which there is no cure.  In fact many puppies don’t live through having it.  Somehow we had missed it because not only were they full of worms when we got them but they also Never had the tell tale Cough or any of the other standard symptoms.  There was no reddened eyes or watery discharge from the nose and eyes. Neither dog became lethargic or tired or anorexic. There was nothing that would have led us to believe that we were dealing with a deadly disease in anyway.  Until a Fecal test confirmed it.

So I took Wilbur home with orders to just treat symptoms and give him the medication that we gave Carl each day for the next week.  Doc Said that other then that it was anyone guess.  However, he said that since Carl had gotten through it he saw no reason that Wilbur wouldn’t pull though as well.  I gave Mom the bad news over the phone while she was at work.  Then put out yet another post asking for Prayers but not accepting any Negative thoughts or speaking any Negative words about what was going on.

Over the next 5 days Wilbur started to come back.  He only made little steps in the right direction but we took each victory we got and praise God for them all.  Everything from feeding him to making sure he got enough water to keep hydrated became a chore.  We learned to add water to his feed so that he got both with one task.  We learned to help him stand and balance for short periods of time and we learned we loved the little fart more then we knew.  Now 7 days after this started Wilbur is just a little wobblie but he can get up and down on his own, he can walk and run and play.  He still falls down a lot and isn’t very coordinated but he is doing so much better and we know he is going to be just fine, Praise the Lord!IMG_20180921_212716IMG_20180921_212719IMG_20180921_212720

2 thoughts on “He said a very bad word

  1. We were surprised too. I think Doc was as well. These two are strong ones so we are glad to have them. First they were so full of worms we thought they needed to get stronger to get them their shots … Now it may be pointless but we will see what Doc says about that … LOL


  2. Wow! What a surprise. I would have bet on Parvo, just from the little you said on FB. But distemper — who ever hears of that anymore? So glad the little guys are well again. They are just about the cutest puppies around, and will be so much help on the farm when they’re trained.


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