She Needs a Name

So this morning I was woke up by Mom telling me to get in gear we have a baby on the ground.  Mom was trying to get to work and I was being lazy.  Ms. Zebu however, had other ideas.

So this morning Mom left me sleeping and headed to work.  As she drove up the road to take the back way to her job she noticed a bit of fussing in our pasture.  Ms. Zebu was holding off her other baby from last year and there was a little white baby on the ground.  She got on the phone and gave me a call.

She ordered me to get dressed and saddled and get to the pasture.  When I got there This is what I found. 39603342_1774149809287464_2948060591287173120_o

Ms. Zebu has just dropped her afterbirth and she now has a baby girl by her side.  I took them to a pen and fed Ms. Zebu and gave them some quiet time for bonding.  If all goes well they will go back out on the pasture after the rain passes and they have had time to love each other.

In the mean time … I know it is getting harder to do but we really need a gemstone girl name.  After this we only have B’Day to calve out and two possible fall bred merinos (Fluffy and Nina) to lamb out.  That means we are down to the last of it.  And Next year I promise we will have so many possibilities for names it will be easy … If you didn’t watch the podcast I guess I will post about our plan in the next few days and let everyone in on it.

For now Please Post Unused Gemstone Girl names here or on the Facebook post or even just email me at


Another Wreck

So I have been trying to pick up work here and there to pay for my roping.  Last weekend I fell a little short so when my Uncle called for some help I was more the willing to go.  That may have been a mistake.

So I always go when I can to help other people out and Monday was no exception.  This time it was for my Uncle and he always pays me for my time and effort.  Since I didn’t make enough roping to cover all my entry fees this week I knew the work would sure help me out.  So I saddled up and headed to his house.

When I got there I Saddled up his horse and waited while my Uncle showed some yearlings to a potential buyer.  Then we headed out to the pasture where a 2000 lb bull was crippled up.  I am not sure what happened to him but his whole leg is swollen and he needed some shots to ward of infection and Tetanus.

I got in there and laid my rope over his head no problem.  Then my Uncle got in there and heeled him.  We laid him over without any real issues.  Then my Uncle hopped down and gave him all the shots he needed.  After that we let him up and he wondered off a bit mad but better off for being doctored.

At this point my Uncle decided that since that went as planned and seemed pretty easy that we could go doctor another cow that has a bad eye.  Again I rode in and laid a rope on her.  That went as planned.  Then my Uncle went in for the heels and laid his rope in the perfect position.  All the cow had to do was step into the trap.  That is where things went south.

The cow sulled up and wouldn’t take that step.  So there are a couple of things you can do to encourage an animal to step forward.  I tried two different things.  First while facing her, I gave her a little tug.  Okay, she is about 1500 lbs so it was a bit more then a tug.  Either way it didn’t work.  She stood firm.

Next, I tried to set her off balance by turning my horse away from her and “running off” with her.  Well, the cow hit the end of the rope and for some reason the horse reared up.  This could have been from him being spooked or that he just couldn’t take the “jerk” of the cow on the end of the rope but either way after he came down he did it again.  Causing him to lose his footing and come down on me.

I now know what a yo-yo feels like.  I am not sure what hit first.  The horse bounced right back up and has had no issues of any kind from the whole incident.  Me on the other hand is another story.  My whole left side is stiff.  My neck and back are a bit soar but my knee and leg are now limping and have some nice Purple and blue marks up and down them.  I have spent most of my time the last two days taking Ibuprofen and laying on the couch.

This morning I feel better then I have in days so I am going to try and do a bit of break away roping and get some little things done around the farm today.  I am slow but I am steady.


So this last week I have been super busy.  Summer is taking a toll on us and we are working to get through it all in one piece.  There are medical issues, dental issues, haying season and the heat.  Now add in Calving season and you have this last week.

First I have been making rodeos and doing okay.  I have won some and lost more but all in all I am doing what I love by the Grace of God.  I Rope on Faith and Survive on Miracles.  I know that isn’t saying much but I have a ton of other things going on right now as well.

I have an outside horse I am riding and training for a guy as well as my Uncle’s chores I am doing.  My Cousin is at a clinic in AZ to figure out some serious health issues and they have been gone.  Mom has been working so I have also been doing any farm visits that come and our daily stuff.

Yesterday while checking cattle I found this … 38864843_1757269557642156_7923223545876840448_o

I took time to get them back to the barn and set up in a pen.  Mom says she is the cutest little thing.  IMG_20180810_163503


Thanks to Rachael Somebody (We don’t want to post her last name because we didn’t ask but she knows who she is) We named her Druzy which means Precious Stone.  Most of the names have been used for the sheep and it is getting harder and harder to come up with names for the babies.  We still have 2 cows to calve out and 2 sheep to lamb.  We are hoping to get some good names for them too but we will see how it goes.  Next year will be so much easier … We have it all planned out.

On a personal note:  Since we have been soooooo busy Mom and I did take a bit of time for us and just to have some fun we went to see this…. 38819561_1756126884423090_4035229634105704448_oIf you get the chance to see it … DO!  It was amazing and Mom has promised to get me the DVD when it comes out.  She is hoping by Christmas and then Christmas Day we will be watching it as a family!

In a nut shell

So the last week has been nothing but farm visits and rodeos for me.   Okay, Okay and haying season.  When I was younger I loved Haying season.  It made me feel grown up to work the back of the trailer loading and stacking hay.  But that was then and this is now.  I am 20 years old and I have been hauling in Thousands of square bales of hay each year since I was about 9 years old.

When you are 9 and you get to help do a very grown up job, you feel important.  At 9 and 10 years old, I was out working teenagers that couldn’t handle the heat.  By the time I was a Teenager I was hiring the crew I wanted and working side by side with them to haul it all in.  Now as an adult … Well, that is a whole other ball game.  I see the cost of hiring the help and I know when we are running low of funds and can’t really afford the extra help.  I see how hard Mom works at everything to make each season come together for the good of the farm.  But mostly I also see that sometimes it takes all she has got to pull it off.

This haying season Money is tight because we aren’t selling as much of the hay as we need it to get through the winter.  To top that off Mom has to have a bit of dental work done and that isn’t cheap either.  Mom has actually put her tiny garden house on hold until after haying season and her dental work.  I know that isn’t fair but honestly, like Mom, it is the only way I see of this working out for the better of the farm.

What does all this mean?  Well, in a nutshell, we will not be hiring any help to put up any of the hay for us.  We will haul it all in and put it up ourselves.  That is one way to save us about 300 bucks.  That isn’t even enough to cover Mom’s dental work but it is a start.