Rodeo Weekend

So this weekend I made about 6 rodeos.  Not to mention my weekend started on Wednesday.  Then I spent today trying to get caught up on my sleep but had to deal with Storms as they rolled through.

So I made a lot rodeos this week.  I started at Oswego Ks and brought home third.  Then Thursday I went to Eufala Ok but I missed my calf there.  On Friday I made it to Huntsville Ar. where I Missed again.  By Saturday it was do or die so I started out at Sedan Ks and broke out.  From there I headed to Ferdonia Ks and was to long to place.  After that I headed to Turley Ok where I won a second place paycheck.  Then Sunday I headed out to Mounds Ok where I was Good on my first two runs but after that it all came undone.

Then today I wanted to get caught up on my sleep but that didn’t really go as planned.  After Mom left for work I slept until 11 am.  By then the animals were pretty much mad at the world.  So I got up and did the morning chores.  I stopped long enough to switch out Mom’s laundry and start the last load of my stuff.  That was promptly followed by Lunch.

After I ate I headed out to pick up my paycheck from working cattle last week.  When I got home Storm were rolling in so I camped out watching TV and the Radar until Mom got home.  The storms were hit and miss and we got a lot of rain.  We needed it so I am not going to complain.  I can do without the hail, wind , thunder and lightening though.

That is twice

So the last two days have been a bit off key and I am not really sure why.  Okay, so I really do know why but didn’t think it would matter.  By off key I mean I can’t catch a calf to save my life.  I have just flat out missed them the last two rodeos.

So as most of you know we are in the middle of haying season.  That means that Dad is pulling his normal off my meds kind of drama that he always does this time of year.  By that I mean that we have hayed the first section with three more to go.  Then I have made some late night rodeos.  That means that Dad hasn’t taken his medication regularly.  Why the two things have to go together I am not sure but it is a once a day pill and he will not take it any other time of day even if we are going to be gone at the time he normally takes it.  Then he ends up skipping pills and so on and so on.  Until finally he just doesn’t ever take them.  When he goes off his medication he gets all crazy and has to create drama where there isn’t any.  And that means messing with Mom and I by not letting us get enough sleep to do the chores and work at hand.  Not to mention Mom has a job off the farm this year that she has to do as well.

Every year Dad does this.  It isn’t anything new.  Not the same drama but he creates some kind of issue none the less.  This year he refused to sleep when we had time and then wanted to drive with only 2 hours of sleep in 48 hours.  Mom said that was a wreck waiting to happen and in the new truck that wasn’t a chance we needed to be taking.  There was no reason for him NOT to get sleep other then he didn’t want to, but he kept getting Mom and I up and having excuse after excuse why we HAD to get the hay in.  Honestly, there was no real reason to act that way.

There was one point in time that we thought it was going to rain but when it didn’t happen we (Mom and I) took a break and were going to finish up after we got some sleep.  However, once we all laid down Dad decided he didn’t want to wait and got everyone up less then 2 hours later to haul it in.  He didn’t go to sleep at all.  Then at another point he woke me up to haul in the last 26 bales of hay that he had NOT even baled yet.  I have no idea why I had to be up to watch him bale them.  He could have baled them and then if it was so important he could have got me up to haul them in.  Really, I can’t haul them in until they are baled so I could have gotten some much needed sleep.

Then on top of that I had rodeos to attend.  With no sleep and no driver because he wouldn’t get any sleep I was super exhausted.  By the time it came time for my turn to rope I honestly just physically didn’t have the energy to throw my rope and keep my loop open.  I was so tired that I just missed and Dad and I both knew it.  Mom always asks “at what cost”  Well, this weekend those 26 bales cost me a lot.  And doing the hay Dad’s way yet again, has a higher price then I really want to pay.  I have learned that I just can’t rope when I am that tired.  However, I tried to keep Dad happy by being up and doing the hay his way and it Cost me.

I know this is going to sound funny but I have a formula for my day that I use when Dad isn’t home and when I get to do things my way I am not tired, I get in my roping practice, I get all the chores done, I take care of any things that needs to be fixed and I take care of farm visits.  I think I need to make Dad let me do things my way.  My formula is simple and while some might say it is silly, all I know is that it works for me.

I wake up at 5 am.  I rope first thing in the morning when it is cooler.  That way it is easier on the horses as well as myself.  Then I do chores and anything else that needs attention for the day.  By lunch time everything is done around the farm.  And if it isn’t I do it after I eat lunch.  Then I take myself about a 2 hour nap.  I get up and take care of any farm tours that show up but for the most part this time of day is the hottest and there are only a few families that will brave the kind of heat we have been having.  That being said, I take care of any that do show up.  After my nap I get up and do any more chores I need to get done.  This is normally filling water troughs again as the heat has the livestock drinking a lot these hot days.  I also do anything else that needs my attention.  Then if I have a rodeo or roping I head out well rested and with everything done.

After talking to Mom about all this last night on the phone as I drove home, I decided it was time to do things my way.  Today Mom helped me get up and she is helping me get back on my schedule.  There is time to do everything and everything gets done WITHOUT having to sacrifice my health, the animals or any task I need to get done.  All I have to do is plan it all out the night before like I normally do and then NOT let Dad change the Plan.   And that includes the haying.  Mom says I am the Farm Manager and it is up to me to take charge and manage the farm like she knows I can.  However, she also understands how Dad is and She has said she will help me get control back starting today.  I guess it is time that I man up, step up and stand up for the way I do things ….




Plans Changed

Well, today didn’t go as planned.  Okay, so I am still up from yesterday and today in the post actually means two days in one … LOL … Mom worked, Dad baled Hay and I went 90 to nothing doing everything and nothing.  I then made a rodeo and after that had to play beat the rain and haul in hay all night.

Dad ran out of baling wire so I had to go get that in town.  Then I had to do chores both here and at my Uncle’s but I didn’t get the cows worked that I was suppose to do so it will have to be done another day.  When I got home I went to work getting most the horses rode and a few loads of hay brought in before I had to head out to my rodeo.

I won third and was feeling pretty good about how the night went until I checked the weather.  Yup, there was green everywhere and we had hay on the ground.  That means rain and that isn’t good for small square bales of hay laying outside.  So Dad and I let Mom get some sleep while we hauled in until about 2 am.  Then we came in and got about 2 hours of sleep and then we all got up and hit it again.  By about 7:00 am this morning all the hay was in and all the chores were done at both places.

What does that mean for me?  Well, after I take care of Carl and Wilbur and post this, I am going to get some sleep.  I have another rodeo tonight and I am going to need some rest if I am going to do any good.

Changing Seasons

So for the last couple of days we have been trying to do all our normal farm stuff and Get our Haying season underway.  So pretty much all our days are taken with some form of work but no down time or idle hands for us for awhile.

This past weekend I made 2 rodeos. The first one I was winning the calf roping when I left but after they ran all the slack and the second night I was moved right on out of the money. The second rodeo I was to long in the calf roping and only roped one leg in the team roping. I didn’t get in until the next morning on both nights and Sunday I worked the team roping. That went a bit better with me winning 2nd and 3rd.

Monday and Tuesday I spent my days working for my Uncle. I rode about 5 pastures of cow/calf pairs and doctored anything that needed it. In the evenings I came home and when Mom would get off work we all would gather to haul in any hay that was baled. It leads to long days and even longer nights. Tomorrow I will be working about 80 cows before coming home to haul in more hay. Just so you know we are all pretty tired as Mom is working her day job and can only haul in the evenings.

Horse Power

Man was it a busy kind of day.  I not only drove from one end of the county to the other but I saw a ton of it on horse back as well.

I stared in the East part of the county and took a couple of cows and a bull to the sale barn for a friend in the north part of the county.  I got there about 6:30 am and they were suppose to be ready for me.  However, that didn’t go as planned.  So I ended up waiting around for over an hour to get them loaded and headed that way.   One the way home I stopped by my Sister’s and dropped off two tires and a set of rims for her old truck.

When I got home I headed to my Uncle’s house to pick up his flatbed trailer so that I could take Mom’s truck to the Mechanic.  I did his chores while I was up there and then headed to pick up Mom’s truck.  It went to messing up and not wanting to go over 25 miles per an hour down the road.  So we took it to the Mechanic to get it all checked out.

On my way home I stopped and picked up medication for my Uncle’s cattle.  He has a few that need doctoring from time to time.  There the nice ladies gave me a chart that breaks down Cattle medications and how they work.  Maybe it will help me around here with our cattle.

I dropped Dad off at the house and he headed to mow the first of our hay for the season.  That means Haying season has begun.  Dad laid down the front side of the right away and we will be raking it tomorrow and probably baling it Saturday.  We are planning to get Dad to only take down a section at a time but we all know how that goes.  Most of the time he takes down to much and works us to death.  We are praying for a better year this year.

While he mowed I set out to work my Uncle’s Cattle.  I rode seven or so different pastures and doctored cattle as I went.  I used one of my Uncle’s horses to check everything and then had to come back to the house to get a working horse to do the actual doctoring.  Precious is one great working cow horse.  I have been known to doctor 1200 lb cows by myself on her.  She takes it like a champ and even asks for more from time to time.  She loves her job.

By the time I got done and headed home Mom had something for dinner ready for me.  She had worked all day and then come home to feed me before I headed out to get some roping practice in.  I rode Whiskey and Ice and ran just a few on Jelly Bean.  Jelly Bean is a heel horse I borrowed for the weekend to enter up in the team roping.  I am hoping he will help me win a nice paycheck or two.

As I got to the barn to unsaddle I got a outside horse in.  I will be riding “Gibbs” for a lady for 30 days.  He is a young 4 year old that still has a bit of spunk in him so I will be using him everyday.  He has good ground work but he has never been mounted or rode.  I am hoping that he is a smart as he seems and the 30 days will be some easy ones.

After all that I did night time chores and will be heading to bed after a good shower.  As Mom says I am pretty RANK!

Diamond and Pearl

So today after a visit from a small boy scout troop, our Contest Winner came to claim her prize.  She wanted sheep so that she could show them in 4-H and her local fair.  That means that she got meat sheep/show sheep.  And we figured that Fudgie’s Babies would be the best fit for her.

Back in So Katie entered our contest to win the sheep.  Here is her entry

Then back in April we went to meet Katie and see what help we could be to get her pens and shelters done.  She got to ask questions and we even provided her with a book to study so that she could be prepared for their arrival.


Then today she came to the farm to take her new babies home and start her adventure in Sheep.  She is backed by the local FFA Chapter and the Local Extension Agent along with her 4-H Group and her Family.  Not to mention we are only a phone call away.  With her support group I bet this young lady is destined for bigger things.  Check her out …


Carl and Wilbur

So as many of you know, earlier this year we lost Kidd and then earlier this month we lost Hank.  With Coyotes everywhere Jethro is working double time to protect everything on the farm.  While the Donkeys help Jethro and them don’t really talk the same language.

So Mom has spent the last few Months working to replace Kidd and then she simply added another to replace Hank.  It hasn’t been easy for either Mom or Jethro.  Then tonight we met a couple of Bernese Mountain Dog Crosses.  After a long search we think we have a couple of Pups that are going to help Jethro out with Farm security.

While they are little now they will grow to be about 75 lbs.  Right now Moose is keeping them in their place but he doesn’t realize that they will soon be bigger then he is.  On the other Hand Jethro acts as if he really doesn’t like them.  He even growled but I am sure in time he will learn to like them and the back up they will provide.

So Here they are Carl the little one and Wilbur the larger of the two.  Both are eating solid foods and livened up once we got home.  They will spend the first few days as indoor dogs and then we will be letting them out whenever we are outside.


These guys have large paws at only 7 weeks old … Check them out … if this is any indication, these guys are going to be huge! 022

So here is the faces of these guys … Carl is the littler and has more white on his face


Wilbur is a butterball and has less white on his face but more what on his paws.


They are adjusting fine at this point and will be crate trained at night and potty breaks every two hours on the pasture with all the livestock.  We will keep you up to date on how they are coming along.

This way or that

So today I started out getting chores done.  I am still doing my Aunt and Uncle’s chores and will be for about another week or so.   When I got that done I podcast with Mom and then headed out to work.  Only to have rain cancel that roping so I headed to a calf roping instead.

So after a late night of roping I slept in until a little before 8 am.  Then I got up and got my Aunt and Uncle’s chores done before coming home to Doctor Baby the calf.  I thought he was getting better but he still seems to have some kind of something going on that isn’t letting him feel so good.  I put him in the barn with hay, water and feed as well as gave him about everything I could think of to help him feel better.

After that I headed inside and Mom and I did the Pod cast.  You can watch that if you are interested.

After that I gathered my stuff to head out to the team roping I work each Sunday but before I could get there it started pouring down rain and they cancelled it.  So I when back home and gathered up my Calf roping stuff and headed out to a calf roping I was going to miss by having to work.  In the end it all worked out.

Working hard … I think

So for the last few days I have been hard at it. I am doing chores for my Uncle, which means checking several pastures of Cows and Calves on Horseback and doctoring what needs to be doctored. I am also doing my Aunt’s chores which means feeding horses and checking all of them. Not to mention all our chores, getting feed, roping, riding, checking our cattle, and training horses at various stages of training.

So my days are pretty full this time of year. I get up, get chores done and get some roping in when it is cool. That means I have to be done by about 10 am. Then I head off to my Uncle’s house to get his and my Aunt’s chores done. Then I am back home and filling waters by noon. After lunch and some inside chores it is back to fill water troughs again. By nightfall I am on the fourth or fifth fill up. With this heat it can’t be helped though.

On top of all that there are other things going on around here. Today for example we had a sweet little Highlander Heifer come to live on the farm. Mom took time to post her on Facebook and get her a name. So when I was a little kid I had a couple of favorite books that I would make Mom read over and over again. One of those very loved books was called What about Emma? The story is about a dairy farm that has to sell all the cows and get jobs in town. The little girl is attached to her favorite and talks her parents into keeping her at least until after she has her calf. If you want to know any more you will have to read the story.

Anyway, some one on Facebook said suggested we name her Emma and with that story having played out here on our farm once before when I was younger and with B’Day being the one cow I wanted to keep, I thought it was only fitting to name the new heifer Emma. So Here she is … Emma the Highlander!

She isn’t halter broke so they had to bring her in with more then one lead …

Once in her pen she calms right down and snacks on a bit of hay.

She was born Oct 30th 2016 so she has another year before she will be allowed to run with the bull. However, we have plenty of time for that as she is now here for life.