California Visitor

So the last month has been just me getting into the groove of running the farm. Some days I don’t have it all down. I have youtube videos that are running behind and Facebook posts to post daily not to mention all the chores and horses to ride. I try to stick to a routine but some days it just doesn’t go as planned. To keep it simple though you really haven’t missed anything special.

However, there is something coming up that I think you should know about. We have a visitor coming from LA. Yup, a real California Girl is South Central City Girl her self – Mireya, the Concrete Kid!!

She will be here the weekend after 4th of July as part of Cowboy Christmas. She will not only be working the farm but she will be traveling with me to the rodeos as my groom and then on Sunday she will be working the team roping with me.

To make this as fun as possible we asked her to get in shape and issued a challenge of things she needed to be able to do before she got here … Check this out …



We will be posting all about her visit and her adventure to become a real cowgirl.  We will be teaching her to rope and ride while she is here and we are hoping to teach her a few other things on the way.