Lost in the busy

So it has been two weeks since I last blogged. I didn’t intend to go that long with out posting but it just kind of happened. Shearing is going on, Derf Got hurt, rodeo season is in full swing and then there are the day to days of the farm and my off farm jobs to get roping money. Yup, I am busy doing a lot of what seems like nothing.

So let’s start with Shearing. Each night I spend shearing a few head. I work until about midnight. The only issue with the shearing as been once when I nicked Baby Girl. It was in a bad spot on her belly and I had to wrap it for about 2 days to keep it under control. She stayed in the barn with her baby and was just fine after that. Other then that there hasn’t been any surprises under all that wool.

One morning I did get more excitement then I wanted when I went out to find that Derf had put a foot through a gate. Lucky for us it wasn’t broken but his knee was pretty swollen and he has some cuts and scrapes on the back side of his leg. I had to take down the entire gate to get him out and since Mom had already left for work I had to do it all by myself. In the end all is well and he is healing really nicely.

Another day we picked up Mom’s New Boyfriend. Bear is a rather big guy weighing in at at least 1200 lbs. Mom says he looks very distinguished. You judge …


One horn goes up and one goes down. He is different and someday Mom wants to touch him and get him to take feed from her hand.

Anyway, some of the other things going on are happening in the garden. Mom has started her she-shack. So far she has put up the 8 – 5X5s and the outside header boards. She is getting the inside headers and then the trusses. After that it is 2X4s and metal siding.

Other then that I have been rodeoing. I did work a few days for my Uncle and a Friend to make entry fees but I didn’t have any luck at winning it back. The truck has been having issues again but nothing I can’t fix at this point. We are working to get a mechanic to see if he can find the vacuum leak … then we should be good to go.