Snow in April

What a wild week … Life is moving fast and things are changing. From the weather to my work week, this week has been a weird one.

So Monday was the only day that I can say resembled our normal day. Mom worked and I worked horses. All the colts of our farm except Caballo are now riding around under saddle. Caballo is still getting the hang of the saddle and I haven’t mounted him yet. That is just because he isn’t really ready to take a human but he will get there.

Tuesday I had to go get feed. Mom’s truck is still being worked on every weekend. And with Mom using it for her work, I have to borrow another friend’s truck to get things done so everything takes a bit longer. We have talked to the guys that will be putting the flat bed on my truck and if it keeps raining It could be done as early as this week. Things will get easier when I get it drive-able and tagged.

By Wednesday Mom was off but I spent the day getting our horses rode so that I could take in two other outside horses. Streak was done and went home and now we have Fred and Conman. One is a four year old and the other is a six year old. I will be riding them for 30 days and then evaluating them before we decide what they need.

On Thursday thing went bat Crazy. Mom went to work and I roped in the morning. Sadly, some how while I was roping a Calf managed to break a leg. I called Mom and then I called for more help. Mom got casting stuff from the vet and a friend came and helped me cast it. Doc walked us through everything and the calf will be fine. In all my years roping this is the first time anything like this has ever happened. I roped her she spun around like normal and there was a snap and I don’t know after that. That afternoon I had to go work for my Uncle and that kept me busy and away from the house until late evening.

Friday Mom worked again and I was doing chores for a friend while he was gone with his kids this weekend. Then I got called to help my Uncle again. That evening I headed out to a rodeo. I did win a pay check but in the end I earned ten bucks over what I had in the roping. So I guess I was only out my gas money … LOL Nope I couldn’t even break even this week with my roping, but hey … it could have been worse.

Saturday it Rained and I thought that would get me a break but Friday when I was working for my Uncle, My Aunt got bucked off a colt. So I took over with him and I guess I impressed my Uncle as he asked me to come ride that colt again Saturday and check his cattle. That was no big deal. However, Mom and I had a Birthday party to attend in the middle of my working the horse. At that party I learned I was different. From my firm Handshake to the fact that I don’t have soft life and wake up sore some days … I learned other 20 year old guys don’t. It is okay though. I know who I am and where I am headed. I know I am level headed and trustworthy. I have integrity and a good heart. So I guess it is okay if I am weird.

Today was suppose to be a family day. My Sister and her Hubby were coming for dinner and both Sis and Mom were cooking. Well, that changed when I found that Snow, the one Shetland I held from breeding, had given birth to this little charm We are now calling Rose … Short for Rose Quartz.

I headed out to do my Friend’s chores. On the way home I found my Uncle’s Bulls were in the hay pen. They had tore down a fence and done some damage. I called to find that he was out of town and that the guy he had working for him still hadn’t been there leaving all the horses unfed as well. So after a phone call, text and such, I found myself fixing panels, feeding horses and working cattle while waiting for a pot load of cattle to come in for him. I was gone all day again today with an unplanned agenda but on the up side when I got home I found my family waiting with some good food and laughs for an awesome dinner.

2 thoughts on “Snow in April

  1. Thank you and yes Most likely Burl is the Daddy but it is the fleece and her size as she grows that will tell. If she out grows her Mom in height then no but if she doesn’t then yes. All our other rams are full size.


  2. Good luck to Miss Peg in healing quickly & best wishes for a quieter week this week for you RJ.

    As Rose is a littler girl is it more likely that Burl (he’s your Shetland ram right?) is her father?


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