Burning up the lines

So thing went a little crazy for a few days. On Thursday I took a calf to the vet for a friend, Dad brought home a new little guy and the neighbor burnt up the phone lines, Friday Meringue had twins, Saturday and Sunday I went to a roping, Ride for World Health came by for a visit today, and the Truck is in the shop AGAIN.

So Thursday Mom worked and I was suppose to have some time just for myself. I was thinking I would clean my room. Good thing a Friend called and needed me to go take a calf to the vet. I spent time doing a bit of running for them and when I got home Dad was headed home with a new addition to the goat herd. This is Richard.

His owner just needed him gone so he is now in quarantine for 10 days to join our small herd. At some point Thursday I realized the internet wasn’t working. So I called the phone company and found out that when our Neighbor burned off her pasture she also burned up our phone lines. It took two days to get it all up and running again.

Friday It was back to business with Meringue giving birth to twins that we are calling Ametrine and Moldavite. And you know me I am calling them Amie and Moldie.

Saturday was my busy day. I started by dropping off the truck at the mechanic’s again. Then I left at 10am to go work a team roping. While I was gone Mom spent the morning teaching and demoing Spinning at a local community room. After my team roping was over I headed south to a rodeo where I spent most of the night. I team roped and calf roped but was up in the slack so I didn’t rope until 1am. That made it almost 4am when I got to bed.

Then today it was pretty much more of the same. I left about 10am and this time I worked the team roping and took part in it. When I got home I had to return the truck I had borrowed since we can’t pick up Mom’s until tomorrow after she gets off work. While I was gone today Ride for World Health Made their annual stop at the farm. Please keep this 6 person team in your thoughts and prayers as they fight cold head winds to get back to Ohio for Graduation and then heading on to the east coast.

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