Taxing Lamb Day

It has been another fun filled day on the farm. Sister wanted to move the kittens all morning and Fatso wanted to move them back. Mom left me to go get our taxes done and two ewes gave birth. I tried to get all the horses rode but we had guests show up and I had to get to team roping practice. Yup it was one of those kinds of days … LOL

So this morning I got up to find Sister moving the kittens again. The funny part was the as Sister moved the kittens out Fatso moved them back. So there was a back and forth traveling kitten exchange that I helped Fatso get a head of. She was slower then Sister so I moved a couple at a time to get her ahead of the game. After about 2 hours Sister finally gave up and Fatso won the kitten war.

While I dealt with that Mom had to leave to go get things done in town. The first assignment for her was to see the Tax man. He did the taxes and Mom and Dad are super excited that they don’t own anything for Either Federal or State Taxes. From there she dropped of some prizes for Senior Day and ran to the post office before hitting the grocery store and heading home.

On her way home she stopped to put up a neighbor’s calf. That left me to handle Sally and her baby. (Okay maybe she didn’t even know it was being born when she was getting the calf off the highway) When I thought that Sally was all done I headed to the house to have lunch with Mom. After lunch we got word that we had some visitors on the way so I took time to get Streak rode.

When the Guests arrive it was a good thing that they were not first time visitors and that Mom and one of them are looking at starting a Fiber Craft night at a local Non-profit. I say that because as Mom came out to show off the new baby … Sally had twins that we decided to name Crystal and Petalite.


And then another Ewe spit another one out. She hollered for me and I got towels to help dry them off. The sun was shining so we used it to warm them up. Mom worked with Sally’s second baby and I took on Corlette’s new addition that we named Sunstone.


After all that was said and done, I headed to my roping partner’s house to get in some practice. Mom stayed at the farm, got babies into the barn and pens set up for them. After that she did a walk around. Then I got a call from Mom. She wasn’t happy and I can say that I am not sure I am real happy either.

You see Mom found that Snow has a bag. That means she is bred. We didn’t want her or Reba bred and it looks as if we didn’t do a very good job at keeping that from happening. Now we will have to keep a good eye on her as we don’t know WHO the Daddy is.

In the end that also means we only have three ewes to lamb out and we will be done until fall. Cinder, Meringue and SNOW!

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