Spring on the Farm

Things have gotten a bit crazy around here … and it is a good thing. The last few days have been full of farm visits and Event Planning. Throw in a few lamb births and some more kitten with a touch of horse shoeing and a dash of Roping and you have my week in a nutshell.

So Thursday I spent the day with Farm visits and the horse shoer. The first visit was a large one with a nice lady that brought her grand kids to see the animals up close. I think they all had fun. At least I Hope they all had fun. As they were getting to the end of their visit Rocky the Horseshoer showed up. He trimmed and shoed everyone while I had another visit show up. They were a smaller visit but a repeat so I was less nervous. In the end I think I did okay. I have room for improvement but I don’t think I did to bad.

Friday was full of Cleaning and running to get the last of the event stuff done. Mom had the day off so she was with me as we finished up everything. The barn was clean and the porta potty delivered. In town things were printed and center inventory increased. As well as lunch for the volunteers gathered. When we got home we finished up setting up the tables. Then is when we found out that we had a water leak. So we put everything on hold and ran to town and got the stuf to repair it. Then we got back home and got it all fixed.

Saturday Morning we got up ready to get a few last things done around the house that Mom wanted done. First Mom and I Podcast. Then it was suppose to be Dishes, floors swept … ECT … However like Friday night, that didn’t go as planned either. Yang, the kitten we now call Fatso, decided it was time to pop out some kittens. It was funny because she would hiss at me but she would grab Mom’s hand every contraction.

As the event started we left the house with two kittens born and cleaned. By lunch when we returned for Lunch there was three. We ate sandwiches, potato chips and Potato Salad. In the end she too had four kittens.


Since it was cold we weren’t swamped as in years past so Mom let me take off and head to a roping. I roped clean but my calf kicked so I was a bit slow and one out of the money.

I did get home about 9 and when I went to do chores I found that Biscotti had decided that she was tired of being pregnant. So she went ahead and shared her new little girl with the world. That we named Bixbite … I am going to call her Bixby for short.


We all headed to bed but Mom was up and down with Ying and Yang most of the night. We had given each Momma her own space with her own kittens. Each Kennel had a pillow, a blanket and a heating pad. To bad both Momma didn’t think it was good enough. They swapped kittens and kennels so many times last night and Sister even hid Fatso’s kittens. Okay, three kittens and then stole the other one. It was a mess.

This morning I was awoke to Mom about in tears asking me to help her find them yet again … It was funny but not to Mom. She was so tired but I got up and found them all and then we decided to put both Mommas and all the kittens in one bed. Finally we had a successful solution. No longer do we worry about who is feeding kittens but only that they are getting fed. There is now peace in the nursery.

As for me today I am headed to a team roping. I am not only roping in it but I am working it. That means I may not be home until later so I will let you know how I did in another post.

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