Babies, Complications, another baby and Kittens?

So Friday started what seemed like a bit of an off trend. First, my team roping for Saturday was cancelled. Then Paige had a breech birth. That night at my roping I didn’t do any good. By three AM I was back in the barn for another birth. With the late night and the delivery I got up a bit late which wouldn’t have been a big deal if I hadn’t had to work for my Uncle this morning. I thought I had it all under control until Whiskey wouldn’t load into the trailer so I could leave. When I got home I was caught in a mess of Kitten births.

So Yesterday Mom worked in the morning so I did my regular routine and got things done around here. I cleaned on the barn as well as a few other odds and ends. When Mom got home I left and went to team roping practice. The plan was to get home with just enough time to get to my calf roping. Well, I got home to find Paige in labor. She wouldn’t cooperate and go in the barn so we had to work her around the back side of the barn and physically catch her and make her go in.

We knew something was wrong when a dark yellow discharge was the first things to show. It broke and went everywhere. I checked Paige and then called the vet. She wasn’t dilated correctly and when I checked her there was nothing in the birth canal. Doc said to give her a little more time and then check again and give him a call if we need him. When I went to check her the second time there was a lamb in the canal and it was Breech. With no time to really get Doc on the phone so I just got in and Helped that big boy come into the world. With each contraction I slowly guided the Butt of the Lamb out. It was hard to get a grip on him so the tugs were easy and slow. Within just a few minutes Paige gave birth to the first of two boys. The second Boy came on fast and literally just Popped right out. He was smaller and wasn’t breech. We named them Garnet and Alabaster. I think I will call the little one AL!!!!

I got gone a bit late for my roping but still had time as they were running late as well. The only thing is that by this time I was kind of tired and didn’t draw the best calves. I missed the first calf and then roped the second around his eyes. Both runs were no times and I came home empty handed. It was about Midnight when I snuggled into bed to sleep the day off.

Very abruptly my sleep was interrupted by a “Get up we have a ewe in the barn and Dad got called into work”. (Just my luck huh?) It was Mom and Annette, the QT, was in the barn. I am glad it was a quick, uncomplicated birth. I spent more time getting water, feed, hay and hanging the light for the little guy then he took to get here. With Little sleep I don’t know if I could have handled much. In the end Annette gave birth to a healthy boy that we named Gypsum.

I got back to bed just about 30 minutes later and fell off to sleep only to be awoke with a “Get up, we over slept”. I got in gear and got most the chores done before I headed to help my Uncle work cattle. I got everything grained and hayed before I grabbed Whiskey and headed to get her saddled for the day ahead. At this point I had hustled enough to make up for lost time. I was right on time until Whiskey decided she didn’t want to load. Why is it when I am in a hurry what ever horse I try to take wants to pick that exact time to act up?

Thanks to her antics I had to put the tire on the stock trailer and switch trailers and employ Mom to get her loaded. I don’t think Whiskey has ever seen Mom take control of her before and in just a few seconds she knew Mom wasn’t playing and she loaded like a charm. I was about 15 minutes late though. And that is just the half of it. I should have taken two horses. I was told we are bringing up some cows to let the Vet Preg check them. Then when I got there a half day worth of work turned into working several pastures of cattle and by Noon Whiskey was wore out. My Uncle had actually called in more help and their horses had wore out too. It wasn’t Whiskey’s fault. I took her for one job (that I knew she could handle) and we did something different. I will say this though … she never took a lame step. That Chiropractor really worked for her. Anyway, I ended up riding a different horse the second half of the day. It wasn’t mine but it worked so I was happy to be able to give Whiskey a break.

When I got home I was spent. I took a little time and chatted with Mom about her day. She had spent her time processing most of those bananas that she had gotten the other day on sale. We have more banana chips, puree and Frozen chips then any one family really needs. She even told me about feeding the peels to the sheep and goats. At first they wouldn’t touch them. Then Fudgie decided she liked them so everyone on the pasture wanted them.

Mom also told about Festus and his getting his head through the cattle panel to get water when he has a trough right in his own pen … Goats are so silly and seldom think things through. In this case Mom had to get his head out and he smashed two of her fingers.

We then turned our attention to dinner. Mom hopped online to order us up some pizza. As Mom and I were checking out the deals to see what was the best ones, all of the sudden Sister, (the kitten that was known as Ying) let out a horrible noise and Moose jumped at her. I jumped up to find a Kitten hanging from her rear end and her hissing in circles. At that moment If I hadn’t been so scared in a what the heck is going on kind of way … It might have been funny. So two hours later we had four kittens. Of the four, three were breech. I guess Paige was just practice.

And after all that Dad and I Finally set out to get our pizza. Now that my belly is full I am off to get a shower and make my way to bed. Mom is putting on the Ham for tomorrow’s Easter Dinner and I am Praying for a quiet night of sleep. Okay, as I typed that Dad came in and said we have two missing Ducks. I guess I will hunt for them before my shower … LOL

Everyone is taking turns watching over Momma and Babies …

First Sister’s Sister, Fatso (aka Yang) wanted to check out the new little ones.

And Hank … the old girl … wanted to see them too.

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