Crazy Days!!!

So this time of year always gets busy. This year is no different. Pace gave us babies, Mom got a few additions to her milk goat herd, I met our sheep winner and Mom took time to make lotion bars, lip balms and soaps. Not to mention all the bananas that are taking over the house and oh, Mom got a part time job off the farm so I am now managing the farm three days a week. Think we need more going on around here??? LOL

So let’s start with Pace. I was home on Mom’s first day of work which was Tuesday. I was dog sitting for a neighbor and in between letting the dogs out Pace decided it was a good time to give birth to two little boys. I named them Kunzite (I am calling him Mr. K) and Mica

While Pace had them on the pasture, I got them inside the barn safe and sound. Wouldn’t you know, it has been raining for days now.

Wednesday Mom went and picked up our Easter Dinner fixing before we went on a planned road trip. While she was shopping the banana sale bug hit her again and she brought home a ton of bananas. When she got home she started all the dehydrators working on Banana chips. I love those things …

By 1:30pm we were on our way to see a new friend and pick up a couple of goats. Yup, Mom finally found a billy for her milk goats. And he came with a traveling partner. Their names are Matthew and Festus. You know off of Gunsmoke …

There was a bonus to the trip and that is that I got to meet and talk to Katie our Sheep giveaway winner. Here is a video we put together of our time at their place.

Not only did I get to talk sheep with Katie, I gave her my FFA/4H book to raising sheep and we talked a little bit about her plans for pens and housing. We also talked weeds and plants, Feed and everything in between. And there was even time for us to “break bread” (as Mom calls it) I have to admit. I know that Katie is going to love those sheep to death. And Mom and Dana are talking about Katie coming and spending a little time here to learn about the wool process. Katie wants to make her Mom some yarn.

Dana also Gifted us two things that Mom is super excited about. The first is a screen. You know the kind that you watch projections on?? Well, if Mom can figure it out we will be using it to have some movie watching on the side of the barn. Yup you heard right outside Movies … the other is a projector that puts still shots on the wall. It needs a new light bulb but Mom says she will get one as soon as she gets to town.

We got home late so Matthew and Festus spent the night in Murphy’s pen. Then this morning after letting out the neighbor’s dogs and doing our chores Mom and I set out to figure out where we would be putting her milk goat herd. We want them in a pen alone so that if there is any chance of having babies this fall, we don’t miss it.

We finally decided on the Milk goats going into the East pen, the Donkeys went in the yard pen, the calves went to the cattle pen and the sheep and angoras ran the big pasture with the gates open. After that I went to rope before actually putting it all in place. About 3 hours later I found myself Juggling livestock. While some things didn’t go as easy as I planned everything got to where it was going …LOL

Meanwhile inside Mom was a busy beaver today as well. She made lotion bars, lip balm and goat’s milk soap. All the while she kept the banana chips dehydrating … Her oldest dehydrator gave out so she experimented with drying them in the convection stove as well as the regular stove. They tasted okay to me but Mom was really unhappy they stuck to the pan and didn’t look good at all. She says she likes them from the dehydrator the best.

2 thoughts on “Crazy Days!!!

  1. You two are amazing. Just going to the grocery store wears me out. Hope the family has a good Good Friday and Happy Easter. ❤


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