Many Seasons in one!

So this last week was spring break for the kids around here. That means we had visitors. With the temps getting warmer the sheep are panting a bit so that has brought shearing season. And with Fig deciding it was time to give birth that means the second wave of Lambing season has begun. Nope we aren’t busy at all. Did I mention with better weather brings Rodeo season??

So many Seasons so little time. Oh, no problem! We will just do them all at once … LOL … Spring Break always brings visits. This last week was no different. We had some friends and visitors that come every year to the farm. We have a ton of fun and they love the new babies. Our New Passes allow visitors access to the farm earlier then the public so people have two weeks that it is quieter and more personal here on the farm. If you are interested in Season passes you can check them out HERE

With the weather changing and Spring coming on strong I had decided that this weekend was the weekend to start shearing. So yesterday evening I moved some sheep and goats into the barn so that I could get started. The plan is to get 4 or 5 done a night. Honestly I thought we had a bit more of a break before the Shetlands and Fiber Flock would start lambing. So I thought I would at least be closer to having shearing season over with before we needed to fill the barn with them.

Then last night In the midst of it all Fig Decided that she didn’t want to wait any longer to meet her twins. Mom had noticed her off by her self and acting a bit pre-laborish but I really didn’t think it was time yet. However, about 7pm we put her in the barn to join the fun. Some time between midnight when Mom and I got done shearing and left the barn and 3:30am when we went to check her, she gave us One boy and one girl that we named Ruby and Jasper …

Tonight I will be shearing again and from here on out we will be keeping an eye on everyone as it seem Wave two has begun!!

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