Another Girl

So yesterday I spoke to soon. I did a short note here on the blog before heading off to bed early. I made the post saying the second wave of lambing is about to begin. I based that on the fact that I really didn’t think Gurtie was bred. That would mean that the first wave had ended. Well, That turned out to be a false truth. I didn’t lie on purpose but more like Gurtie made a liar out of me.

I started my day with chores and then I found reasons and things to do inside as a cold front has moved in and my head was hurting. For the next two days or so it is suppose to be a bit cooler with the lows being right at freezing. So Mom and I made a fire, put on some Chili and while she worked online I watched a movie.

It was about lunch time and Mom had put on some hotdogs for me. She also normally drinks coffee as she works so on a short trip to the coffee maker for a refill and to check my lunch, she stopped at the door to look over the sheep. I know she loves having them outside the back door and she checks them every chance she gets. Anyway, all of the sudden I hear “RJ Outside Now” and Mom bolts from the house out the back door. I got to the back door to see Mom sprint (as well as an old woman can) across the pasture and head for Gurtie. As I got out the Door She yelled for me to get the big barn door open.

It wasn’t until I opened the door and saw Mom holding a large lamb low while making her way to the door that I figured out what was going on. Gurt wasn’t far behind her and Mom was moving at that quick but slow come with me hurried pace we use to get things into the barn. We got her inside and got the baby under a lamp. It was cold and windy today so Gurt struggled to get the baby cleaned off. The wind was blowing causing the fetal membrane to dry fast. Gurtie just couldn’t get the baby cleaned very well outside. She got the face and enough cleaned off that the baby will be just fine now that it is inside.

This new little girl didn’t get a name until we reposted her photo. I am really worried because if people have run out of names already we are in trouble. The second wave is going to be bigger then the first …. Remember we are using Gemstone names this year. We just can’t have lambs named no name 1, no name 2 and so forth …

Thankfully the new little girl was finally named Topaz ….

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