Mom’s Baby saving fail

So this post was suppose to go up yesterday but things got out of hand. Not so much out of hand as just getting it back under control seemed to take forever. Maybe that is because it involved visits from the neighbor’s dogs which never go well.

So the day started for Mom, Hank and Jethro before dawn. As Hank gets older she has learned to stay in at night to keep from getting stiff. Jethro and Kidd Hang out outside. However, Kidd is penned as he doesn’t always come home on his own. When Hank feels Jethro needs help she wants out. And when she wants out it normally means trouble.

Well, the day before yesterday and yesterday Morning in the middle of the night Hank wanted out. Mom is a light sleeper and Hank woke Mom with one bark. Some how Mom always rises with a bounce. She keeps her shoes at the end of the bed and can have them on and be out the door with Hank in a matter of seconds. So that is just what happened two mornings in a row. The day before yesterday, we had visitors too but Mom kept them at bay with Hank and Jethro by her side and they finally went home with not much excitement.

Yesterday the neighbor’s dogs decided to push it a bit. Okay they pushed it a lot. When Hank barked Mom was up and out but Jethro and Hank were having trouble running the unwanted dogs home. Mom got the gun and fired off shots to warn them and it seemed they would go on only to show back up with in a few minutes. It was so bad Mom thought of turning Kidd loose on them. She doesn’t like to do that because Kidd is still young and he doesn’t stop. I mean when he goes after them he wants to fight them. And he doesn’t just chase them home he chases them until he whoops them.

That means if it was bad enough that Mom was thinking of turning him loose it was really bad. Mom couldn’t figure out why they kept coming and her sight isn’t what it used to be. And she normally doesn’t get her glasses on when she goes out that early with the dogs. So yes, she had a gun but mostly just to warn the unwanted visitors. She doesn’t really aim to hurt them as she is scared she might actually miss and get one of our own. So Turning Kidd loose is the last step before she gets her glasses or Me to take the pests out for good.

For two hours Mom fought those dogs. And finally, they went home for the last time and Mom without even thinking fell back asleep watching to see if they would come back. They didn’t so nothing ever woke Mom back up.

That morning Dad went to do chores and let her sleep. At this point we didn’t know about the early morning Dog issues so we just started our day like normal. All at once Dad came back to get me because he had found two unattended baby lambs on the pasture. They were half cleaned and a bit cold.

I scooped them up and got them in the barn and then set out to find the Momma. The only one with discharge was Hershey and she is the Momma that looks for a reason NOT to be a good one. I managed to get her in the barn and settled in. Then Dad and I set out doing chores.

When Mom got up I told her about Hersey and the twins. Mom then said that explained her night of little to no sleep and Hank’s morning of stiffness. She then told us the story of the returning dogs. She also said that with everything that was going on and her lack of sleep she didn’t even stop to check the sheep.

By mid morning I corned Hershey and made her stand for the twins. That is when I found that her plugs hadn’t been stripped out. (Normally, that happens when the babies suckle milk for the first time.) After I stripped the plugs I put both babies under her to get a drink. While it wasn’t a huge one it was a start.

I spent the rest of the day. Working horses, moving hay and watching to see if the twins would drink on their own. By evening they seemed to be doing better and suckling more and more … So with that I give you Opal and Amethyst.


As for today, I worked the horses before the rain set in around noon. Mom took a stroll through the garden and had me get some trees protected from the rabbits and Hershey is doing well and I have seen her babies nursing regularly. However I did weigh them and will track their progress just to make sure they are eating good. Opal weighted 5 lb 14 oz and Amethyst 4 lb 14 oz.

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