RIP MoonStone

Our day was a bit off yesterday.  Mom left early to make the trip to the Oklahoma Farmer’s Market and Agritourism Conference in Oklahoma City.  I stayed home to care for those on the farm and little MoonStone.

Instead of going back to bed after our 3 am checks Mom got ready to drive to Oklahoma City.  The weather was really bad.  Schools were shut down and Ice covered everything.  Mom had others riding with her so she left in plenty of time to get everyone there safe and sound.

At the 3 am check MoonStone was doing good he was eating and acted fine.  He was a bit rattley but he was up and around.  Since he was on an antibiotic I knew that would take time to work so I wasn’t to concerned.

I went back to bed after Mom left and all was well.  I set my alarm for 9 am.  When I got up and checked MoonStone I thought he was doing better.  He wasn’t rattling at all and he ate all his breakfast.  He did seem to be a little down in the ears but he followed me everywhere I went for over 30 minutes before laying down to take a nap.  All this lead me to believe  he was doing much better.

I did chores and checked everyone before settling in and getting a fire going.  I spent the rest of my day doing things like a few loads of laundry, chopping fire wood and the dishes, not to mention feeding and taking care of MoonStone.

At about 3 pm little Moonstone took a turn for the worst.  With Mom gone for the day I was on my own.  I first put in a call to the vet.  He was honest with me as if he was talking to Mom.  He told me that Moonstone probably had Pneumonia and that the conditions in which we found him only gave him about a 10% chance of survival.  He told me a few other things to try but said that if those didn’t work There probably wasn’t anything we could do.   He explained that baby Lambs are a balance of things and it is tough to get them balanced after something traumatic happens.  He assured me that I were doing everything right and that if the little guy didn’t make it, it wasn’t anything we did or for lack of trying.

I went and got the other medications Doc said I could try and got them in him right away.  At one point I thought he was getting better but once again within an hour his fever had spiked.  I kept working with him by putting honey in his mouth and trying to bring his body temperature down until Mom got home.

Mom came right in dropped her stuff and started working on the little one.  She tried things that she had used on me when I was little to reduce my fever but after short fever reductions it seemed a spike would come back with vengeance and take even longer to reduce even a little bit.

By nightfall Baby Moonstone Passed away without ever getting back up on his feet.  Mom and I both had a melt down before heading off to bed.  We prayed that things would look better in the morning.  Today however, was just kind of there.  It was cold and wet and I went to work on my Sister’s house.  It was just a day without any real joy and almost seemed gloomy.  So tonight I am going to bed and both Mom and I are saying we are going to start over tomorrow and try and make it a better day.




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