The Big Day

So Today was just another day … But Tomorrow … Oh … Tomorrow is going to be a big one.   I did have some things to do today so I got up a bit early this morning to get a bunch of little things done before I headed to the roping pen.

I started by heading out to pick up our feed order for all the animals.  When I got home from the mill I did two things that will get us one step closer to lambing season.  First, I moved Ginger onto the pasture with all the other cattle, horses and Donkey Kong.  The only reason we moved her is because we don’t know what she will do when lambing starts.  She hasn’t ever been around sheep and goats before coming here.  And that means this will be her first lambing season and we will have to introduce her a little at a time AFTER the babies are born not while …. LOL

The other thing that we did was to pop Knight onto the pasture again.  Everything on the pasture is bred except … Fluffy and Nina.  So for the next 6 weeks Knight will be playing with the girls.  And that also means we will be having a few fall birthings …

After I got that done I worked to finalize the BIG announcement for tomorrow and then headed to the roping pen.  When I got done there I doctored Streak who’s swelling is going down.  And I treated Patches foot and it is looking much better but it has a little heat to it so she is still on an antibiotic.

I ended my day eating Indian tacos Mom made for dinner and I will be heading off to bed after I shower …. I can’t wait until tomorrow and I pray it is going to be as big as God wants to make it …

Getting ready …

Today I spent my day getting things done and roping … There really isn’t anything exciting that I did BUT we are getting ready to have an exciting announcement On Feb. 1st.  Mom and I have been working hard to take care of our daily stuff and get this BIG Surprise set for release.  Guys I am telling you this is BIG and we think we are ready. I just have one more little thing to get nailed down and we will be set … Stay tuned for further information.

New Arrivals

Yesterday I worked the roping but today I worked harder in just a few hours then I did all day yesterday.  Yesterday was a pretty good little day except I didn’t rope well enough to win anything.  Today was a very farmy, Oh my, did we just do that kind of day.

So Yesterday wasn’t anything special.  I worked the roping and what I like about that is that not only do I get paid to work the roping, I have a chance to rope in it if I want to as well.  I did rope yesterday but I didn’t do well enough to bring home a roping paycheck.

Today however, made up for that lax kind of day about three times over.  First I woke up to Streak the outside horse being swollen in his privates.  He was gelded just a few days ago and he should have had an antibiotic at the time.  However, I have been unable to figure out if he did.  It isn’t my horse and the owner had it done by their vet.  They know he got a tetanus shot but the vet was unavailable today so that was all we were sure of.

I called the owner and he came out and had a looks see.  Streak is now on the antibiotic and should be getting better in a day or so.  We are praying for the best as he has three days of shots to get now.  Sometimes a horse will have a bit of a set back when something like this happens but each horse is different so we are praying that he doesn’t.

After the owner left I got to working the other horses.  I had time to work Whiskey, Coop and Ice but by 3 pm Mom and I had to be some place else.  If you have followed me for very long you will remember the Easter Sunday that we went to pick up 5 Merino Sheep that had been attacked by some dogs.  Well, the same nice lady has had a bit of a life change and she has had to move.  That means she no longer has room for all her livestock.

She originally wanted us to take her last two sheep, a llama and her alpaca.  However, if you are one that has followed us for very long you will also remember the alpaca issues we have had before.  If you don’t remember, we had 5 alpaca but they started to pass away very suddenly and I had one die in my arms after eating.  We had a Necropsy done, blood work, tissue samples, soil samples and even Hay samples tested.  All with no answers so we rehomed the remaining alpacas and with to many unknown factors as to what caused any of that will not take anymore alpaca or llamas on.

We did however, go and help her move 2 donkeys, the alpaca, the llama, a pygmy goat and two pot bellied pigs and then brought home two more sheep.  We will be putting the word out that there are an alpaca and a llama needing a new home and she will continue to house them until either her or us can find one suitable for them.


Tomorrow I plan to get the horses worked and then head to my partners house for a bit of Practice but we will see what the day brings.  For now I am one tired Puppy and I am heading off to bed.  Good Night World.

Practice, training and YUCK

So I spent yesterday in the roping arena … Two as a matter of fact and neither were my own. Then today I was back in another one before coming home to work the sheep.

So Yesterday I went and practiced with my team roping partner. It took most the afternoon as he lives about 40 minutes away. I roped pretty good and was feeling like I am making better runs. When I got home I worked Streak before it got dark out.

I got chores done just in time to head to a calf roping. I roped good but I was a bit long on a couple of head so it left me one out of the money. I got home after midnight and headed to bed.

I got up and got around this morning and helped Mom make a new intro to our youtube channel. Then I headed to my partners again. We practiced for a few hours before I headed home to work the sheep.

Mom and Dad were already at the house with everything ready as they had been working round the farm today while I was gone. We worked all the girls getting them ready for lambing. One that that didn’t go as planned was Patch and her limp. We have been watching her for some time. One night we went to bed and she was fine but when we got up the next morning she was limping. That happened back at the first of breeding season and since we couldn’t find any heat or any open wound the Vet thought that she may have twisted something when Knight tried to breed her. Well, we have check, watched and examined many, many times.

Tonight it became apparent what was going on. And it wasn’t good. It was an abscess. And tonight It busted open and oh my word. I almost lost my stomach. It was bad. The Vet and I can’t figure out why there was never any heat to it. We are guessing it is because it was in the hoof. The hoof looked fine from the outside and we are thinking that because of the thick wall on the hoof the heat couldn’t be felt … Anyway, it is draining now.  It is covered for now to keep hay and stuff out of it and she is on an antibiotics for the next few days.  Honestly, that wound really got to me.

Anyway, for the last order of  business tonight I am going to start posting Mom’s videos at the end of my blog posts.  Thanks to changes at youtube we are working to try and meet their new guide lines but we don’t know if it is doable or not.  So with that said if you are on Youtube please give us a look and if you like the little posts we do make sure you sub to us and ring the bell to get those notifications …. Here is tonight’s Video.



Dirtpatch Girls

So today I went and spent some time with a few friends. I took them a present that most wouldn’t want but they smiled big thanked me and then took me in for a game of Payday! After that I came home to find a fire just south of the house that thankfully was gotten under control pretty quickly. I spent the rest of my time working the horses.

So this morning I got up and got around as I needed to go see a few friends. Before I went I had to get a few things together to take with me. First, I needed horse Manure. So Mom and I took a bunch of boxes to the horse stalls and I started filling them as I cleaned. Then we loaded them in the back of the truck and we were off.

We made one stop to pick up a forgotten jacket, that needed to be returned, before we set out to Tulsa. When we got to T-Town the road lead us to the porch of one Ms. DIRTPATCHEAVEN. You know, she is the famous Youtuber that does all the gardening stuff. So when we told her what we had, believe it or not she was excited.

We unloaded the poop and she started talking to Mom about all the plans she has for it. I went inside and the two young daughters engaged me to play a game called Payday. If you haven’t played this game it is actually pretty fun. You buy and sell businesses, get paid for your birthday, can take out loans, play the lottery, and you even get mail (some is good mail, some is junk mail and some is bills … just like in real life) I tell you I had a blast with that game. In three months I made $119,100.00 You can’t beat that …. LOL

We all had a good time but I had to get home and get to working the horses so we said our good byes and headed back up north. On the way home we dropped off my laptop to be checked out and stopped to get a few things we needed for the farm. Mom found a mini greenhouse for the kids to use in the barn this year. Maybe it will help more plants survive and actually make it to the garden.

When we finally made it to the house, I ate and then headed to the barn. After getting Whiskey saddled and everything penned I noticed something that was a huge concern. A large cloud of smoke was hanging over head a few miles from the house. The wind was howling and if that fire moved it would have been headed right for us. I called Mom and she went to investigate and found we had time and that the fire department was on scene. They wasted no time getting that fire under control.

From then on it was all work for me. Streak, Whiskey and Ice got some learning time. Streak let me put a pad on his back and remembered all his learning from yesterday. Whiskey gathered cattle and is working on her steering while Ice got in a bit of roping practice. By the time I was done with those three it was dark, Mom was calling us to dinner and there were chores to be done. So I put up my toys … I mean horses and called it a day.

More Working time

The last two days have been more of the same. Streak had a vet appointment to be gelded and when I wasn’t working for others I was working horses. Mom spent her time getting the barn ready for lambing and implimenting a new laptop for business.

So yesterday I spent most of my time with the horses in one form or fashion. In the morning Mom and I spent some time working Star and Derf. We switched Star to the new Bosal headstall I got for Christmas. Since her choking issue she really hasn’t responded to any of the bits I have tried but she seems to like the bosal. As for Derf … He took his first mount, which was me.

It was cool to be the first to sit on him. I went really slow and tried my weight on both sides. Then ever so slowly I swung my leg over. I was sure Derf wasn’t going to do anything and I know Mom wouldn’t have let me if I was going to get hurt. I don’t remember the feelings I had at the time but I remember praying I wasn’t wrong about him doing nothing.

By the afternoon it was time for Streak’a appointment. He was gelded with no issues and didn’t have wolf teeth to deal with. That means he will be handled but not saddled for a few days. After that my time was mine and I set out to rope.

Today however, I ended up go to work for someone else. We worked cattle until well after noon then I came home to more of the same. The horses didn’t seem all that happy to see me but Streak is definitely improving with each day. Precious was with me and she worked cattle but Coop and Whiskey got a workout. Star got a day off just because I ran short of time.

I am waiting to hear how tomorrow will go but for now I just want to get some sleep…. Oh and did I mention that we are on whoha checks … Mom thinks Carrie will lamb first but I am pulling for Melody.

More of the same

There really isn’t much going on around the farm. For the most part we are just waiting and watching for signs of lambs. Okay, Mom is doing all the watching as I have been working.

I worked today doing construction for the most part of the day. When I got home I helped the mechanic with the truck but I really didn’t do much as He and Dad were about done. I did take it for a test drive and well, it still runs rough so Mom is going to have it checked again and see if there is something else that could cause it to run rough.

This evening Mom headed to a youth meeting and I spent my time doing more research and trying to put together a new worming plan. Reba isn’t looking very good and we are going to try and incorporate iron Shots into our routine for some of the ones that seem to get bad in the winter. We are also going to change up when we worm. We are going to start with Winter then because of the worm cycle we are going to hit them again as the worms reach adult hood and hopefully before the next batch are old enough to lay eggs.

On the up side Mom spent the day getting our newest Program launched and ready for advertising this summer. The new addition is going to be Fiber Camp. It is one day a month for 2 hours and we will be teaching how to process wool as well as a few uses for the yarn each attendee will make.

The only thing she has left to get online and on the calendar is our Fireflies and Star gazing night and the Pizza Tower dates. While I love the Night time event I think Fiber Camp is going to be the best one yet.

Working through the weekend

This weekend I am doing chores for a new client, working a roping and helped out an older gentleman with some cattle that needed sorting. My week to come is more of the same. Leaving Mom to keep an eye on the sheep.

So Friday, Saturday and Sunday I did chores Morning and night for a new client. It really didn’t take all that long but it added just over 30 minutes to my routine.

Saturday after the two sets of chores I spent the morning working with an older gentleman. He doesn’t have much but he is older and needed help sorting cattle. It really didn’t take that long and I don’t mind keeping him company. He has some pretty cool rodeo stories so we chat away most the time. Mom sends him cookies all the time. I think he likes it.

Today after all the chores I headed to work a roping. I roped too but didn’t do any good. I worked the head gate with only one break. And I guess I worked out good cause I have been asked to work the next one as well but next time I will be bringing up the cattle instead of running the gate.

As for tomorrow I have yet another job lined up. That will leave Mom to tend to the sheep again. At least she has some help. Dad has been home this weekend and he cleaned the calf pen out and doctored Reba for me. She isn’t taking this winter to well this year. She is thin again. So we wormed her again and have her on iron to help build her up. We are praying that if we worm the sheep in this cold weather that the cold will help kill them out. We also plan on starting to do a bit of rotational grazing so maybe that will help this year too.

2018 Lambing Convention

Well, it is Friday and that means the polls are now closed for the voting of the naming convention for the 2018 lambing season. I have to admit that once again it didn’t go my way.

So for the most part, as most of you know, Mom and I have both had headaches this week. We know it is from the weather changing. It has been freezing most nights and now it is suppose to be up in the 60s tomorrow. Oklahoma weather is so Crazy right now. By Monday it will drop back down to the 40s and freezing at night … Oh well, as Mom says “It is what it is”.

Nothing much really went on around here today. I did get some of the horses worked. Streak the outside horse is coming along with her ground work and I even ponied her today. Then this evening Mom and I took some time to podcast as we normally do it Saturday Morning but I have to work tomorrow. I have jobs lined up for the next three days and that is a good thing. Tomorrow I will be working cattle, Sunday I have to work the chutes at a roping and Monday I will be doing a bit of construction.

As for now I am off to get a shower and head off to bed. As for the Poll the Lambs of 2018 will all be named after Gem Stones. I am asking now for everyone to do some research and find some gems that will work for Boy names … This year the girls are going to be easier then the boys … LOL

I’m Back

Today I was feeling much better. I had two separate jobs today. One for the morning and one for the afternoon. I can’t say that I minded the morning one but the afternoon one was cold! After the work was done I came home to get chores done around here.

So this morning I woke up feeling much better. I was up early too because I had to be to a day job by 6:30am. At this job I helped get a calf loaded and take it to the sale. It wasn’t hard to load and most of my time was spent in the warm sale barn waiting for the calf to sell. So it was pretty easy. And the fact that I was warm was a plus. Not a bad way to start after being sick the day before.

When I got done with that job I headed to a second job that wasn’t so nice and warm. This time I headed to my Uncle’s and had to take on the task of Doctoring one calf and breaking ice. The calf wasn’t such a bad deal but the breaking ice wasn’t fun at all. I got cold and wet but I got it done.

When I got home from that I took time to tie a few calves and get going on the chores. I think we have an outside facet that is leaking so it looks like this weekend I will be digging it up. As for the rest of the day … I am going to spend the evening visiting our Horse Trainer Kevin and just chillin’ out.

Remember tomorrow we close the voting so make sure to get your vote cast for the naming convention for lambing season 2018 … We could have babies anytime after Saturday!!!