Ringing in the New Year

So Friday I spent some more time Practicing my team roping. Then Saturday and today, I spent some time helping Mom get ready for Winter Woolfest 2018. We didn’t have an exciting New Year’s Eve but we ate pizza and plan on getting a good nights sleep for the big team roping tomorrow.

So Friday while Mom went to see her Aunt I went with a friend to my roping buddies house to get in a bit more Team roping practice. There is always a large roping on New Year Day and this year I plan to attend and Pray I bring home a paycheck.

Mom brought home a wonderful surprise with her from My Aunt … She finished the Poncho. It still needs buttons and such but it is wonderful and it still smells like Granny.

Yesterday with temperatures in the teens I didn’t want to get out much. So I took some time to help Mom get some things lined out for Winter WoolFest. I did a bit of Tumbling for Mom and found that while she does it and never says anything, if you do it long enough your arms feel like rubber.

This morning the temperatures were still in the teens and I had no motivation to leave the house. Okay, I did leave one time and it was to pick up a stationary Bike. Then I came home and got to work.

I started by cutting the front tire off the bike. Then I made a “drive band” of sorts and ran it around the front wheel and the tumbler. Guess what … we now have a leg powered Fiber tumbler.

Mom also took some time to put the buttons on the poncho. I think the Bamboo is an awesome addition to the natural wool poncho.

As for all of You, I Pray that you each have a Happy, joyous, wonderful, amazing, beautiful, awesome healthy and SAFE New Year!

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