Cold Front is coming

So Tuesday I worked for my Uncle and had an issue that kept me from my practice roping. Then Wednesday I worked for another guy building fence and today I got a call to again go help my uncle move some cows around to get ready for the cold front. That left the work on our farm to get done before the cold front moves in but that fell to Mom.

So Tuesday My Uncle had some cattle he needed to get worked. There were three cows that needed roped and doctored. When I got there though we had to load a trailer load of Cows out first. After that I loaded up and headed to a team roping practice. Only to have the truck we were in break down on the way. In the rain we finally got it fixed but ended up just getting a bite to eat before heading home since we were to late to rope anyway. It wasn’t our truck or trailer but there were like 5 of us in this truck and none of us were mechanics. So we had to call a guy to come get us going again.

Wednesday I headed out to go help a man build some fence. He is an older gentleman and he has heart trouble. I took with me a plate of goodies for the Christmas season. He was happy and said he had to have a cookie every night before bed so he would be enjoying those for a few days. We worked most of the day and got three strands of Barbed wire up and in place to keep his cows home before he decided he had done enough for the day.

I came home to find that Mom had cleaned Almost 4 stalls that were Very dirty as Dad had been over feeding the horses. Dad told Mom that he wasn’t over feeding them and that they were eating it all. But when Mom went to get things done for the cold front coming in she found that he wasn’t exactly honest with her. The stalls she started with had about a foot of hay and poop in them. Not to mention the urine and the smell.

When I got to the house and saw what Mom had done I helped her finish moving the piles of stuff. Then I headed into the barn to help her clean the calf shed. That is the same stall she just cleaned a few days ago and Dad just keeps throwing hay in on the poop and not giving the calves any place clean to sleep or eat. Needless to say Mom was not happy. I can’t say as I blame her as she not only cleaned that stall but the entire barn and Dad just doesn’t get the fact that he needs to clean up after himself around here.

Anyway, Today I got up and headed out to clean the last two stalls. Okay so it was just a stall and a half that Mom didn’t get finished yesterday. I did the half stall first to get it out of the way. By the time Mom got off the phone confirming our Christmas Eve Plans I was at the last stall and we cleaned it together before heading in for Lunch and to podcast.

After lunch the plan was to sort horses and then I was going to rope but I got a call from My Uncle and he said he needed a bit of help again before the cold air gets here. So Mom and I sorted the horses and put the Men out on the pasture and put the girls up. Whiskey and Precious are now in the new stalls and Coop and Star are stalled by themselves as they fight for the Alpha position.

I got home after Dark and Mom had all the chores done. She isn’t taking chances with Dad doing them anymore as half the time he only does half of them and the other half the time he over does them and trashes the stalls. Anyway, tomorrow Mom will get Star inspected, I will go get feed and then I will be back up helping out my Uncle get a Cow in that is crippled. Yup, cold weather brings a lot of work for a farmer. Then again it also makes for some down time after the work is done.

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