Roping and more roping

Yesterday I spent the day at a roping. Today it turned colder and I spent most of my time in the practice pen. That is when I am not in the restroom.

So yesterday I headed to a team roping with a friend. We took their truck and our trailer. I did okay and even made it to the short go round but was one spot out of the money. That means I came home with no paycheck … again. I didn’t get home until midnight so I headed right off to bed.

This morning Mom had Christmas orders to get delivered and she was headed to go see friends. So I hit the roping pen. It was colder today so I took a lot of breaks. On one such break Dad offered to cook us up some hotdogs for lunch since Mom was gone. I took him up on it and then headed back out to get in some more roping.

By the time Mom got home I was starving again. The hotdogs Dad made were a bit over cooked and really not very good, but I had been hungry so I ate them. Mom had set right to work whipping up some good food for dinner, when it hit me. My stomach did a Flip. Then a Flop. Then other parts of my body started spewing. I have no idea why but I am blaming Dad’s cooking for not agreeing with me.

As I type this I am running to the restroom many times over. So I think I will bring this to a close as you all know how I will be spending my evening. Yup, even Cowboys get the runs from time to time and for me this is one of those times. I am hoping with a bit of sleep that tomorrow morning I will be right as rain.

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