So for the last few days I have been getting things done around the farm as well as picking up day work. I spent some time Friday working cattle and the Saturday I was building fence. As for today … well, it was to wet from much of anything but Mom found us something to do worthwhile.

So Friday I went to a neighbors and we both headed out to a local rancher’s place to work cattle. There were around 60 pairs to be wormed, worked and Vaccinated before we separated some of them into weaning pens. It took us awhile but honestly it is the kind of work I like to do.

Saturday was another story. Mom had Dad and I working and building fence almost all day. This isn’t the kind of work I like to do … LOL … It started when we put up the field fence in the new horse runs. Then we moved to the sheep pasture where we divided it into a North and South pasture. We even hung the gates and this created a new large pasture for Murphy. He now has a shelter and will be wintered in that new pasture. After that we headed to the back cattle pasture were we ran another new strand of Barred wire. That makes two done and two more to go. We are doing a little at a time as it costs at least 70 bucks to do one strand the whole way down the pasture.

Then today we woke up to a very wet farm. It stormed last night so my day work for today was put off until tomorrow. So with time on our hands Mom and I went out and cleaned two stalls and then set out clearing drainage ditches in the stalls to help move water off of them in the future. It is easy to dig when it is so wet so we worked along the new barn, Coop’s stall, Derf’s pen and the holding pen. Only time will tell if what we did will help or not.

Baby Steps are still progress

So I am still working on putting together my new job. I talked to a money man about funding and so far I have worked on making arrangements for the use of a Truck, Trailer and some land to lease if I am able to get the cattle. So now it is just a waiting game to see what I hear back from the Money man and the owner of the other items I am looking at leasing.

Yesterday I started by talking to a money man I found that might back me. We took time to pencil out the numbers and think it all through. All in all he said it sounded like a solid plan. However, for the amount of Money I am looking for he was going to have to think on it and do some number crunching of his own and he will get back to me.

I then checked out the lead I had on some land. Again I went over the whole plan and even went as far as to presented a Draft of the contract I was proposing. Again I was told it sounded like a solid plan but they would have to think on it and weigh it all out in their heads and get back to me with an answer.

At this point all I can do is wait. Wait for the money man. Wait for the other people leasing items to me. It is one thing to have a solid plan but it is another when you have to prove yourself and fish for the resources to make that plan a reality. So I wait.

Today while I wait I am building new fences with Mom and Flat Stanley. We are dividing the main sheep and goat pasture into a north and south pasture. And then I had to help Mom reset her posts for the horse runs as the rain made the posts she set the other day into water wells with sticks in them … LOL … I know it isn’t funny as Mom worked really hard on them but then again if you would have seen those posts floating in those holes you might laugh too.

After working with Mom and Stanley I went off to do my roping and riding … it is a fun way to pass the time while I wait.

Life Changing Direction

So It has been a bit since I last blogged. First, I no longer work for the horse trainer. It got to be to much. I owed Mom the work on the farm to pay for my room and board not to mention my phone bill and the stalls and feed for my horses. Not to mention my roping suffering since I didn’t have time to practice.

So about 2 weeks ago I went back to doing what I do best … it is what I know. And I have to say I think I enjoy it. I went back to working the training the horses on the farm. So where does that leave me?? Without a job that produces cash?? How will I be able to get ahead in life? I have minimal bills now as I work for my parents and they pay all the house hold bills. How would I ever be able to have this job and a family if I want one later in life??

With so many questions lurking in my head I started to do a bit of soul searching. And I came up with what I think is a plan to at least grow my lifestyle. What do I mean? Well, I think I have a plan to get some Steers and contract them out for ropings. That would mean I have the steers and take them to rodeos and team ropings and they pay me between 5 and 7 bucks every time they run one of my steers.

It is kind of a step in the direction of being a stock contractor. However, it will also allow me to use a few of the steers to train team roping horses as well as the calf horses I already do.

So I will be bringing you along for the ride. The first step in this venture is finding capital to purchase the steers. After that I need to find a bit more land then Mom and Dad have so I will be looking to lease land close to home. I have a lead on a bit of land that I may be able to lease and today I took the first steps to get funding to purchase the cattle. I pitched my proposal to a potential Money Man.

The owner of the land also has a truck and trailer that I may be able to lease … That means if this works out I may have a line on starting to be a grown up.