Crazy Calves

Man, I know Mom used to run calves when I was a kid but I never realized just how crazy they can be. Yup, they are small but it doesn’t stop them from giving her a beating as she bottle breaks and tames them down. Yesterday, Mom had one appointment to get to at 1pm. And that was in doubt when she went and got two new calves.

So normally a 55 lb calf and a 75 lb calf are no problem for Mom. She can load several calves of that size in the one horse trailer with plenty of space. And yesterday when she left home that was the plan. However, once getting her hands on the two little boogers it was a totally different story.

First, the little one didn’t want to stay in the trailer with the bigger calf going crazy. That is understandable but with that thought she took off and when through two different gates before she was gathered back up. Then the Bigger calf busted Mom in the face and kicked the guy helping a few times before they got it in the trailer. Even then that calf was jumping and carrying on so much Mom had to put the back on the trailer to keep it in.

I gave Mom a hard time about it when she came home with wrecked glasses and the makings of a black eye. Then it came time to bottle feed that little guy. I really didn’t think he could be that bad so I told Mom that I would help her bottle feed. Man did I learn just how stout calves can be. This little 75 lb guy does this launch off his back legs when you catch him. And that launch is like having 75 lbs thrown at you and you being expected to catch it in mid air. I can see why Mom says he cleaned her clock.

Once we got the calves settled in Mom did manage to make her appointment but when she got there they rescheduled. Then about 4am this morning the storms moved in and left us without power for about 7 hours. Mom used the Goat’s Milk right from the goat as we didn’t have a way to heat up. They all ate great once you get them caught but that catching is some kind of work … LOL Mom says in a few days they will come to those bottles like it was second nature. Until then Mom will keep catching and feeding them her way.

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