Quiet Day

Today was pretty quiet on the farm. Mom was at a meeting and she left me to run the place. When Mom gets home I will be heading off to work. After work I will once again be on the road to go rope and tie some calves with some friends.

Since I didn’t have to get up and be at work early I started out sleeping in. I know that 8am isn’t sleeping in to some but to me it is. By the time I got up and around Mom had already taken care of the household chores, watering the garden and a few other things. She was finishing up milking and I helped her catch the big black calf and get it’s breakfast down her. Then Mom fed Delilah. While Mom did that I grained everything.

When everything was done Mom got ready for her meeting. It had something to do with the Farmer’s Market but it was kind of weird because when she got home she made the remark that she was really confused by the whole meeting. While she was at her confusing meeting I took some time to do some of my laundry.

One other thing I want to bring up is that our little Adventurer came up with an awesome name for the little bull calf Zebu. So we are naming him Rocket Larkspur. We are calling him Rocket for short!!!

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