Moving in and Moving on

So over the last few days, on top of our normal goings on, we have had both goats and sheep go to there new homes. So Yup, it is the time of year that is sweet and yet full of sorrow. We are so happy with the homes we have found so far. All the animals will be spoiled and be taken care of.

This time of year I start my days out in the roping pen after I do chores. When I get done I have been heading to work. I get home in time of dinner and then more chores and then off to bed to start it all over again. Sometimes something cool happens. Most of the time it is in the mornings. Like yesterday, we kicked off Calving season. Okay, so we only have three bred cows but Ms. Zebu gave us and tiny little bull calf in the early morning hours of Yesterday.

Ms. Zebu has never been friendly so getting them to the barn was interesting. Ms. Zebu charged me a time or two as I got the calf to the barn. It took me two trips to get both Calf and Mamma in a pen together. However, once in the pens together they are doing fine. Ms. Zebu will get you if you go in there but at least they have shelter and food and water. Now he just needs a name. Any Wild Flower Boy names suggestions???

Anyway, There have also been some changes in the Lamb and Goat babies around the farm. It is the bitter sweet time of year when we let these babies move on to their new homes. First off, all the goats have already moved on to their new homes. Two are just about 10 minutes away and one is with a fiber artist a few hours away. We will be getting updates regularly on them. Then the sheep have started to find their new homes as well. Some have moved to Texas, while others are scattered around the state. We only have two QT Cross withers and two Merino Crosses left but we have a few 100% Merinos, some Shetlands and some Dorset Crosses that are available if anyone is interested. All you have to do is get a hold of Mom and set up an appointment.

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