Why Oh, Why??

So same day different post … but same old, same old. Just when I think I will make time or find time to blog something goes crazy. Around here everything has gone crazy. Dad is off his meds, I work and train horses all day and Mom is busy but wants her own space. And the animals are getting in on the act. More then one horse has stitches or cuts and now Mom is going back! Back to what she knows with a few little differences.

So over the last month I think things have been just as busy and crazy as ever. We have had several Vet issues. Coop had to have her Vulva stitched as she cut it while itching it on something. Derf Cut his leg and is being doctored for that and Storm cut her back legs up with her own shoes while Mom and I stood right there. I am telling you it has been crazy around here.

There are some things that have happened around here that are a good thing. Since I last Blogged I got my driver’s license. Mom has started going to the Farmer’s Market again this year and her soaps and lotion bars are doing well there too. We have one new intern and Bella sometimes, so that is two interns for the summer and yup we need them. Also Mom got her ownership papers on Caballo Thunder in the mail.

On top of all this, just today Mom decided to add raising calves back into the mix. She used to raise them when I was a kid. It isn’t like we don’t have enough to do … is it??? Oh and she is working harder in the garden this year too. And not to mention that she is now on the Garden Market Committee. But then again all that isn’t even of concern to me except Mom and I are sharing a vehicle.

I know it is all hard to keep up with … I have issue keeping up and I live here. With any luck Mom will work her schedule up like she normally does and all her stuff won’t affect me. I will still be riding horses, working for Kevin and Rodeoing.

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