Working things out

So it has been about two weeks since my last post and that post was from Mom. I guess that is because we were having some “growing pains” as most people call them. It isn’t a bad thing it is just taken some adjusting. – RJ has had this start written for days and asked that I step up and help him out filling everyone in. Well, here it goes!

RJ has had one of his spells where he forgets his priorities. Horses that need worked are being put on hold because he wants to rope. And a few days he didn’t even shear. We have been shearing each day that it hasn’t rained to try and get the sheep all done. It is down to about the last dozen. He is working each morning so he is getting in a time crunch on some days and I have to remind him to get it straight and work the horses that need it. Not the ones that are finished. On the weekends he is at rodeos. Most weeks his weekend starts on Thursday.

It got to a point where I stopped working on his room and called him out on it. His reply shocked me as he said that it would be easier if I was meaner and nagged and griped and lined him and his Dad out more. He told me that I make it to easy for them to take advantage of me with all the laundry, dishes, cooking and such that I do. I just shook my head and told him I do unto others as I would want them to do unto me, not as they have done to me. LOL

Anyway, this weekend he says we are going to finish all the shearing. He said he will be shearing all day that day to get it done. He does have to take some time to teach some 4H kids about chickens on Monday as they are coming to get some babies to show and we will be teaching them what they need to know about carrying them and handling them properly. We will also teach them to put them to sleep and hypnotize them … You know all the fun stuff … LOL

Anyway, RJ has even kind of been in a slump with his roping. I do think it is just because he is off with what he is doing in all areas of his life. He is getting back on track so that is a good thing. I went back to working on his room as well as all my other things I am working on. I am sure he will get it together in the next few days as he gets back on track with his sleep, job and roping.

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