Dang Old Goats …

So it has been kind of crazy around here. This here J.O.B. is cutting into my riding time … LOL Oh not to bad but losing the mornings does take some adjusting to. Wednesday I actually didn’t get much done because it Rained … AGAIN! Then Thursday All the horses got their nails done and that night I was up at Southwest City Mo. in both the team roping and the calf roping. Then today it was kind of going to be a repeat of yesterday without the horse shoer.

So Each morning I start out my day working. I an normally home by about Noon. However, when you have to leave about 4 each day for a rodeo, I really am not getting much done. Wednesday I didn’t get much done as it rained again. Mom and I did work in the barn a bit and get a few things cleaned up but nothing to terrible. Dad was only on Nights for Tuesday and then they changed their minds and said they would do the resets next week so that played with his schedule and made him even worse on the grouchy scale.

Mom on the other hand decided to stay out of Dad’s way by working in my room painting walls and putting up shelves and such. I love it. I can’t wait until she is done though. It is going to be sharp. I might even have to ask a few friends to come hang out with me.

Anyway, Thursday was our busiest day. I worked that morning and got home just in time to round up all the horses and get them ready for the horse shoer. All the horses got their hooves trimmed and Coop got her shoes Changed and Storm got her shoes back. Anytime we have a horse off to heal up their shoes are pulled so they can just be a horse on the pasture. After that I got ready to head to Southwest City Mo. for the slack in the rodeo. My partner and I were flagged out in the team roping. They said I didn’t wait for my partner to turn the steer. It was a bad call because I have it on video and he did turn it. However, we did break out so bad call or not we wouldn’t have done any good anyway. As for the Calf roping I was sitting third but they have two performances to go so I will pray that I can stay in it and draw a paycheck.

This morning I worked and then came home to get lunch and then head out to meet up with my partner again and head to a team roping. Now there is one thing that I have left out that I need to add in that has made us even busier. You see the triplets, Holly and Gonzo have all been escaping. And I mean no more then you get everyone where they are suppose to be then the one you got in first is already out where it shouldn’t be.

We will start with Gonzo. He has been in every pen from the Man pen to the pasture and he always finds a way to get out, get into the garden or get on the road. Mom fixed his little red wagon though. He is now calling the time out pen home. Until he can learn to stay in he will be in that pen. Mom says that we will tie him out from time to time and then we are going to try the cinder block to keep him in. However, for now Mom isn’t feeling well and he is grounded.

As for Holly she has lost all time out on the pasture until she can remember to stay in or I can find the hole she keeps going through to get on the road. She also take the trips with her and Mom doesn’t like it. So she was put in the milking pen and not allowed to go to the pasture. That just left the trips that kept getting out. You would think that Holly would call them back in but she didn’t

So Mom worked all the fence between the pasture and the goat pen. Turns out the three had several spots that they were using to go UNDER the fence. Then they would go out to the hole that Holly showed them and be out faster then Mom could get them back in and through the house to go do anything else. So as of this afternoon Mom had managed to keep them in the milk pen … I am praying that they will stay in the rest of the evening. Mom even sealed up the gates to keep them from going through them.

In Mom’s defense she did wake up with a terrible headache and chasing goats isn’t exactly what you want to do when you have a headache that hurts so bad it is making you throw up ….

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