Wild and wooly days

Today was interesting… Okay a bit more interesting for Mom then Me. I got up and went to work like normal. Mom had the Pig to get used to the dogs and the dogs to get used to the pig along with all her daily chores and tasks. Then add to that two calves escaping, a bit of fence fixing and a load of feed to get and you have her day.

So it all started after her morning chores got started. She had to get two calves that got out of the fence back into our pasture. After that she headed to the pasture to make sure all the others were still in the pasture and safe. It turns out they were. Then Mom took a bit of time to get the two calves into the equipment pen so they wouldn’t hurt the lambs.

She then turned her attention to the dogs and Buttercup. The big issue is that Buttercup doesn’t like her halter. And when I mean doesn’t like it I mean she gets down right loud and squirmish any and every time you try to put it on her. Therefore Mom spent more time trying to get it on her then she did taking her out to potty. Our plan is to have her trained to go in and out with the dogs and to get rid of the need for her potty box. The issue is that she won’t leave the house unless Mom carries her or forces her to on her halter. She has also figured out how to slip out of her halter … LOL Needless to say Mom had her hands full.

The dogs got better as the day went but the biggest fight was over blankies. The dogs wanted Buttercup’s and Buttercup figured out that if she rooted at the dogs they would get up and move off of theirs and she could take them … In the end Mom tricked them all by adding a fourth blanket that they couldn’t figure out who it belonged to … LOL

By the time I got home she had the dogs and pig under control. That means it was time to go get feed. We also picked up t-posts to fix the fence. We also grabbed a bit to eat and stopped off to get a few things in town. When we got home Mom and I had to go fix the fence. It was challenging because we couldn’t fix it from inside the fence as the pasture was to wet. With all the rain we have had the truck would have gotten stuck. So that means we had to do it the hard way. We loaded the truck and headed down the road. We then parked on the side of the road and trekked across the ditch and right away to fix it.

While we were fixing fence the neighbors dog made his way over to the sheep and cattle pastures. Hank and Jethro took time out of their busy day to chase it off again. That dog is getting on my last nerve. It better start staying away from our place. Next time I am going to have to take action and scare the daylights out of him. Anyway, we got it done just in time to get dinner going.

Mom fixed dinner while Dad and I gathered eggs, hayed and watered everything. Then After dinner it was time for chores and the nightly routine before bed. So that is what I am doing now … Heading off to bed that is.

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