It’s getting Harder

So last night I talked Mom into taking me to a roping. In my defense I really didn’t think we would be that late getting home. So when I got home around midnight I still had to grain everything and do pasture checks. We made it to bed about 1am. And to top it off I didn’t even get a paycheck. Oh it was worth going but Man it makes for an early morning when you do that.

So I grained everything when I got home and did my normal pasture check. When Dad got up a couple of hours later to go to work he didn’t do a check as he had over slept and was running late. So when I got up a bit late and made my first pasture check I found this …

Fig had both dried and up and nursing. After last years delivery Mom was surprised but very glad nothing had gone wrong this time. Mom had been watching Fig for about 2 days and said she had a feeling it was going to be soon. Well, soon is here. LOL … I got her in the barn and Mom and I went live on Youtube and posted them on Facebook too asking for names.

However, as the day progressed No suggestions were made. I told Mom that if there were not any suggestions I would just name them No Name and No body. Well, Mom said that wouldn’t do and she posted what I said on Facebook. Great group of People those followers are … as within minutes of Mom’s post Many came in. I am thinking I will actually go with ….

Princess Blossom & Prince Orion … They are spending their 24 hours in the barn as that way Fig gets the extra TLC her body needs without having to worry about the normal pasture stuff. Tomorrow they will go out as really this time we didn’t have to do a thing!!

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