Full Circle

So today Bell the QT Cross decided she was tired of being pregnant and she started our morning off with a set of twins. Then Sally thought it was time for her to go too but that wasn’t what was meant to be. Add in an annual Granny Farm visit and a few little chores that had to get done and you have our day in a nut shell.

So Bell started our day giving us one white Ram and a Black Ewe lamb. The visitors named the twins Ella and Cole. With a cold start to the morning they slowly came around after we moved them into the barn and under the heat lamp.

Then we spent a fun time with our farm visit. The six kids come with their Granny each year and sometimes more then once a year. They have a great time and love to run and play. They have cookies and Kool-aide for snack and they have a blast with the scavenger hunts and activities in the barn. They do everything from planting flowers to roping. Not to mention getting Pony rides and feeding the animals treats.

After that it was lunch time. Then I headed out to ride while Mom did the pasture check. When I got to the horse pen I had to get one of the Shetland lambs out of the pen as it had gone through the fence. All at once Mom and I look over and Sally had dropped a baby lamb. It was in the shade and the wind was making her cold fast.

We got her to the barn and under the heat lamp. We worked with her and at about 2 hours after she was born we thought that she might actually make it. So Mom went and did things like clean stalls, remove the winter wood from the chicken coop and cover the panel that the Shetland got through earlier. While she worked I took time to get the riding in and Sandman’s owner showed up to check his shoe as he bent a back one up. Her horse shoer will be here tomorrow to fix it.

When we went back to the barn I milked Sally while Mom held her so that we could get the little lamb some energy. She sucked it right down and was trying to stand when we went in to eat dinner. After we ate Mom and I came back out to milk the other side of Sally and get her a bit more to eat but when we got out there she had passed away. Sally must have known as she really didn’t want anything to do with the little girl but normally she is a wonderful mother.

Mom and I think that Sally gave birth prematurely. The lamb only weighted in at about 2 lbs. For what ever reason Princess Angela wasn’t meant to stay here on Earth with us for very long. She was cute and loved and will be missed. Mom said at one point it was her fault for missing the signs Sally was in labor. I really don’t think that would have made any difference but Mom is always hard on herself about these things.

RIP little Princess Angela …

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