Goats are done

So both of Mom’s milk goats have given birth. Hope gave her triplets yesterday and today Sweetie gave her a new little Buck. We had some running to do today and found him on a stop over back at the house … It was so windy the little guy got cold fast and we seemed to get home just in time.

I started my day riding my outside horse and then I went with Mom to the horse trainer’s facility to introduce him to another friend of ours that may be interested in using his services. When we got home I found that Sweetie had given birth to a nice sized Billy. We moved him in because he was really cold and she hadn’t had him long as he was still wet.

Mom named him Garrett.

After that Mom and I had to take Coop to get her shoe fixed. Then I came home and finished up riding before doing chores and getting some dinner. With that there is only like 9 ewes to lamb … And most of them were penned with Lester. So we will see if those ewes still like him or not … LOL

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