Ms. Holly did it

So today was suppose to go one way and went another … LOL Just kind of par for the Course now-a-days, I think. I started out with the 4 sheep getting picked up a bit late, making me late for my hair appointment and then came home to work horses and ended up in the barn with Ms. Holly having triplets.

So the guy I sheared for came to get his four sheep this morning. First, there were only 3 rams … One was a Ewe … LOL Their fleece weren’t the best but I was helping out a friend. So this morning he was suppose to be here at 9am but he was running late. After we got them loaded up for him I beat feet to another friend’s house to fit in a hair cut. I have Ag days at the Capitol in about 2 weeks and I wanted to look decent. I got there about 10 minutes late but she pulled it off and got me done just as her next appointment came through the door.

When I got home Mom and I ate a bit of lunch. I then headed out to gather horses and ride. Mom went on a pasture check and Ms. Holly wouldn’t leave her alone and she was humming. So Mom spent the better part of an hour consoling her. Then she took her in the barn made up a stall and …. Ms. Holly gave us triplets!

Mom is so silly about her goats. I swear sometimes she thinks they understand her. Anyway, There is two girls and one boy. There is one white little girl that looks like her Daddy. Then there is a black and tan little girl that has no ears and then there is a black and tan boy that has ears.

So Here is Laeh, Leighton and Lincoln.

That means we have 1 more goat and 9 more ewes to birth and we have 19 lambs and 3 kids so far. Making the girls at 13 and the boys 9 …

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