Just another day …

So last night was about as farmy as things can get and today just kept it coming. Pace gave birth to twins and the dogs acted stupid making it not a very good deal that ended up working out in the end. When I got up this morning I had to load out hay and then by this afternoon there were 4 visiting sheep to be sheared … yup all that went down in less then 24 hours and I even managed to fit in my roping …. LOL

So we will start with last night. The weather was cold and the dogs felt good. We aren’t sure what really happened but Mom did lamb check when she heard the Dogs barking like crazy. She found a little guy by himself, wet and cold. She ran for towels and took time to yell in to me to get out there. When Mom Yelled in the house she put all the dogs that were out, in. When she got back to the little guy Pace had given birth to another one and Mom figured out they both were hers and she had twins.

She snatched up the little guy and the little girl in towels as it was about 27 degrees out. She made it to the barn as I got out there. Once in the barn we set out to fix a stall for them and we noticed that Pace was bleeding from a tear in her ear. We aren’t sure how it happened but we are sure of the fact that it is what made her separate from her first born. Once we got them in the barn and we worked to dry them off, Pace wanted them both.

So Here is Derek and Odette …

When I went back out to check everything Jethro was outside and he was after the spot the little guy had been born in. And when I tried to clean up the spot he came at me growling and barking. I busted his butt but when he gets protective of the birth spots he acts out. I don’t know why but Mom stepped in and put him in the old dog pen, helped clean up the spot and left him all night. By morning he had forgotten all about the incident. Mom and I are sure that him and Pace argued over that baby. In the end Pace won … with the help of Mom and I and getting to spend time in the barn without him around.

Anyway, after everything calmed down and the dogs were penned I headed to bed to get some sleep before I had to load out hay. Then this morning I over slept but lucky for me the buyer was late too. I did chores and got my breakfast ate before heading out to load him out. After that I thought I would have a normal day.

I went inside to warm up before heading out to ride the horses. About half way through Riding I got a call from Mom to come to the house. There was a guy that our family knows that needed four sheep sheared. He had called me a few days ago and I hadn’t heard anything so I really hadn’t given it much thought. Anyway, he was here to drop off the four and then he will pick them up tomorrow.

So I finished my riding before taking them on. There were three Jacob Rams and one Jacob Ewe. I spent the next two hours shearing them while Mom went to her Garden Meeting. After I got done I started dinner and Mom and I ate when she got home. For now I am headed off to bed in hopes of getting a good nights sleep.

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