Fire Relief

So as some of you may or may not know the panhandle of Oklahoma and Texas, up into Kansas and even parts of Colorado have been burnt up by wild fires. And you also may or may not know that not to long ago it was our friends and neighbors in the same boat. We helped when we could and we saw the great state of Oklahoma step up and help our neck of the woods when it happened here so we knew that if there was anything we could do to help those that it was happening to now, that we should do it.

With that Thought, Mom and I have worked to contact the 4-H leaders in that area to offer Both of Fudgie’s lambs to replace 4-H projects that have been lost. No we didn’t just do it without giving it a lot of thought. These two kids, whoever they are, will also get 5 bales of Hay with each one. That means all they will have to do is make sure they have a place to keep them and pick up some feed and they will have their projects back. These two can’t replace the lambs that they lost but they can ease that pain and show a little love to them when nature dealt them a really nasty blow.

To make sure that they will be ready for the show circuit I took tonight and docked William and Kate’s tails in the Show fashion and I banded William. This will prevent the two lambs from being bred to each other by some one who wouldn’t know that they are twins.

The lambs won’t leave here until they are ready to be weaned and we have actual children that will receive them. Until then we will keep them happy, healthy, safe and sound. Then Mom and I will be making a trip with sheep and hay to the panhandle.

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