Four in one day!!

Okay so two of the ewes gave us twins today … that means only 11 more ewes to go. I can’t say it was easy but the complications were easy ones … and some how the little Ewe knew ahead of time and wanted in the barn. HUH??? Mom has been doing research on sheep and she thinks she might just understand it.

This morning Pistol seemed off. Normally she is very stand offish. She doesn’t come up and eat cookies and she is pretty much a loner. However, this morning I could walk right up to her and she didn’t want me going anywhere without her. So Mom and I moved her into the barn where she stayed while I did chores and everything to get my day started. Mom had a meeting so I kept watch while she was gone. As Mom was pulling into the driveway, Pistol showed the first signs of giving birth.

Things progressed but I think they went a bit to slowly. On one push the sack with the fluid in it burst. Leaving the baby inside with No sack and no air. Thankfully Pistol delivered the first one pretty quick after that. I had to hang the baby to clear it’s lungs. Once I got that little one lined out the second little one decided to do it the hard way as well.

The second lamb started out looking okay but then things went south when his second leg wasn’t presenting. His Head was out and with each contraction the baby was getting chocked as his feet weren’t there to keep the vulva from closing around his throat. I reached in and with one quick little tug on her next contraction I was able to deliver him with no other issues.

As you can guess the first was a girl and the second was a boy. The girl is another white one and the boy is a chocolate color with swirls of white on him. So I think that since they are both strong enough to make it with the struggles that the names Artemis and Apollo, the twins of Zeus King of the Gods, are most fitting …

After we got Pistol all straightened around I went to ride and Mom went in to do her computer work …. About 20 minutes later Mom did a pasture check to find that Favorite – AKA Paige – was found behind the old stall with another set of twins. This time they are both girls. So I am going to go with Buttercup From the Princess Bride and Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Remember if you are posting names that even if we haven’t used them Please post them again and again because we can’t possibly go back and find all the old names that have posted in the past. So Keep posting as we have 11 more ewes to go and 2 goats … LOL

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