Cinderella got a fella and a galla

So Yesterday was kind of Crazy. First I was up late at a roping Sunday night. I had a blast with my friends and Mom made sure to feed them all before sending them back to college. However, I had to work the next morning and I got up a bit late but I made it on time. I took Precious with me and the horse trainer helped me find reverse. 

When I got home Mom was in town doing a bit of running so I went out and got my riding done.  When I got back to the barn I found that cinder had given birth to twins one boy and one girl.  

So I give to you Alladin and Jasmine …..

It’s getting Harder

So last night I talked Mom into taking me to a roping. In my defense I really didn’t think we would be that late getting home. So when I got home around midnight I still had to grain everything and do pasture checks. We made it to bed about 1am. And to top it off I didn’t even get a paycheck. Oh it was worth going but Man it makes for an early morning when you do that.

So I grained everything when I got home and did my normal pasture check. When Dad got up a couple of hours later to go to work he didn’t do a check as he had over slept and was running late. So when I got up a bit late and made my first pasture check I found this …

Fig had both dried and up and nursing. After last years delivery Mom was surprised but very glad nothing had gone wrong this time. Mom had been watching Fig for about 2 days and said she had a feeling it was going to be soon. Well, soon is here. LOL … I got her in the barn and Mom and I went live on Youtube and posted them on Facebook too asking for names.

However, as the day progressed No suggestions were made. I told Mom that if there were not any suggestions I would just name them No Name and No body. Well, Mom said that wouldn’t do and she posted what I said on Facebook. Great group of People those followers are … as within minutes of Mom’s post Many came in. I am thinking I will actually go with ….

Princess Blossom & Prince Orion … They are spending their 24 hours in the barn as that way Fig gets the extra TLC her body needs without having to worry about the normal pasture stuff. Tomorrow they will go out as really this time we didn’t have to do a thing!!

Full Circle

So today Bell the QT Cross decided she was tired of being pregnant and she started our morning off with a set of twins. Then Sally thought it was time for her to go too but that wasn’t what was meant to be. Add in an annual Granny Farm visit and a few little chores that had to get done and you have our day in a nut shell.

So Bell started our day giving us one white Ram and a Black Ewe lamb. The visitors named the twins Ella and Cole. With a cold start to the morning they slowly came around after we moved them into the barn and under the heat lamp.

Then we spent a fun time with our farm visit. The six kids come with their Granny each year and sometimes more then once a year. They have a great time and love to run and play. They have cookies and Kool-aide for snack and they have a blast with the scavenger hunts and activities in the barn. They do everything from planting flowers to roping. Not to mention getting Pony rides and feeding the animals treats.

After that it was lunch time. Then I headed out to ride while Mom did the pasture check. When I got to the horse pen I had to get one of the Shetland lambs out of the pen as it had gone through the fence. All at once Mom and I look over and Sally had dropped a baby lamb. It was in the shade and the wind was making her cold fast.

We got her to the barn and under the heat lamp. We worked with her and at about 2 hours after she was born we thought that she might actually make it. So Mom went and did things like clean stalls, remove the winter wood from the chicken coop and cover the panel that the Shetland got through earlier. While she worked I took time to get the riding in and Sandman’s owner showed up to check his shoe as he bent a back one up. Her horse shoer will be here tomorrow to fix it.

When we went back to the barn I milked Sally while Mom held her so that we could get the little lamb some energy. She sucked it right down and was trying to stand when we went in to eat dinner. After we ate Mom and I came back out to milk the other side of Sally and get her a bit more to eat but when we got out there she had passed away. Sally must have known as she really didn’t want anything to do with the little girl but normally she is a wonderful mother.

Mom and I think that Sally gave birth prematurely. The lamb only weighted in at about 2 lbs. For what ever reason Princess Angela wasn’t meant to stay here on Earth with us for very long. She was cute and loved and will be missed. Mom said at one point it was her fault for missing the signs Sally was in labor. I really don’t think that would have made any difference but Mom is always hard on herself about these things.

RIP little Princess Angela …

Goats are done

So both of Mom’s milk goats have given birth. Hope gave her triplets yesterday and today Sweetie gave her a new little Buck. We had some running to do today and found him on a stop over back at the house … It was so windy the little guy got cold fast and we seemed to get home just in time.

I started my day riding my outside horse and then I went with Mom to the horse trainer’s facility to introduce him to another friend of ours that may be interested in using his services. When we got home I found that Sweetie had given birth to a nice sized Billy. We moved him in because he was really cold and she hadn’t had him long as he was still wet.

Mom named him Garrett.

After that Mom and I had to take Coop to get her shoe fixed. Then I came home and finished up riding before doing chores and getting some dinner. With that there is only like 9 ewes to lamb … And most of them were penned with Lester. So we will see if those ewes still like him or not … LOL

Ms. Holly did it

So today was suppose to go one way and went another … LOL Just kind of par for the Course now-a-days, I think. I started out with the 4 sheep getting picked up a bit late, making me late for my hair appointment and then came home to work horses and ended up in the barn with Ms. Holly having triplets.

So the guy I sheared for came to get his four sheep this morning. First, there were only 3 rams … One was a Ewe … LOL Their fleece weren’t the best but I was helping out a friend. So this morning he was suppose to be here at 9am but he was running late. After we got them loaded up for him I beat feet to another friend’s house to fit in a hair cut. I have Ag days at the Capitol in about 2 weeks and I wanted to look decent. I got there about 10 minutes late but she pulled it off and got me done just as her next appointment came through the door.

When I got home Mom and I ate a bit of lunch. I then headed out to gather horses and ride. Mom went on a pasture check and Ms. Holly wouldn’t leave her alone and she was humming. So Mom spent the better part of an hour consoling her. Then she took her in the barn made up a stall and …. Ms. Holly gave us triplets!

Mom is so silly about her goats. I swear sometimes she thinks they understand her. Anyway, There is two girls and one boy. There is one white little girl that looks like her Daddy. Then there is a black and tan little girl that has no ears and then there is a black and tan boy that has ears.

So Here is Laeh, Leighton and Lincoln.

That means we have 1 more goat and 9 more ewes to birth and we have 19 lambs and 3 kids so far. Making the girls at 13 and the boys 9 …

Just another day …

So last night was about as farmy as things can get and today just kept it coming. Pace gave birth to twins and the dogs acted stupid making it not a very good deal that ended up working out in the end. When I got up this morning I had to load out hay and then by this afternoon there were 4 visiting sheep to be sheared … yup all that went down in less then 24 hours and I even managed to fit in my roping …. LOL

So we will start with last night. The weather was cold and the dogs felt good. We aren’t sure what really happened but Mom did lamb check when she heard the Dogs barking like crazy. She found a little guy by himself, wet and cold. She ran for towels and took time to yell in to me to get out there. When Mom Yelled in the house she put all the dogs that were out, in. When she got back to the little guy Pace had given birth to another one and Mom figured out they both were hers and she had twins.

She snatched up the little guy and the little girl in towels as it was about 27 degrees out. She made it to the barn as I got out there. Once in the barn we set out to fix a stall for them and we noticed that Pace was bleeding from a tear in her ear. We aren’t sure how it happened but we are sure of the fact that it is what made her separate from her first born. Once we got them in the barn and we worked to dry them off, Pace wanted them both.

So Here is Derek and Odette …

When I went back out to check everything Jethro was outside and he was after the spot the little guy had been born in. And when I tried to clean up the spot he came at me growling and barking. I busted his butt but when he gets protective of the birth spots he acts out. I don’t know why but Mom stepped in and put him in the old dog pen, helped clean up the spot and left him all night. By morning he had forgotten all about the incident. Mom and I are sure that him and Pace argued over that baby. In the end Pace won … with the help of Mom and I and getting to spend time in the barn without him around.

Anyway, after everything calmed down and the dogs were penned I headed to bed to get some sleep before I had to load out hay. Then this morning I over slept but lucky for me the buyer was late too. I did chores and got my breakfast ate before heading out to load him out. After that I thought I would have a normal day.

I went inside to warm up before heading out to ride the horses. About half way through Riding I got a call from Mom to come to the house. There was a guy that our family knows that needed four sheep sheared. He had called me a few days ago and I hadn’t heard anything so I really hadn’t given it much thought. Anyway, he was here to drop off the four and then he will pick them up tomorrow.

So I finished my riding before taking them on. There were three Jacob Rams and one Jacob Ewe. I spent the next two hours shearing them while Mom went to her Garden Meeting. After I got done I started dinner and Mom and I ate when she got home. For now I am headed off to bed in hopes of getting a good nights sleep.

Fire Relief

So as some of you may or may not know the panhandle of Oklahoma and Texas, up into Kansas and even parts of Colorado have been burnt up by wild fires. And you also may or may not know that not to long ago it was our friends and neighbors in the same boat. We helped when we could and we saw the great state of Oklahoma step up and help our neck of the woods when it happened here so we knew that if there was anything we could do to help those that it was happening to now, that we should do it.

With that Thought, Mom and I have worked to contact the 4-H leaders in that area to offer Both of Fudgie’s lambs to replace 4-H projects that have been lost. No we didn’t just do it without giving it a lot of thought. These two kids, whoever they are, will also get 5 bales of Hay with each one. That means all they will have to do is make sure they have a place to keep them and pick up some feed and they will have their projects back. These two can’t replace the lambs that they lost but they can ease that pain and show a little love to them when nature dealt them a really nasty blow.

To make sure that they will be ready for the show circuit I took tonight and docked William and Kate’s tails in the Show fashion and I banded William. This will prevent the two lambs from being bred to each other by some one who wouldn’t know that they are twins.

The lambs won’t leave here until they are ready to be weaned and we have actual children that will receive them. Until then we will keep them happy, healthy, safe and sound. Then Mom and I will be making a trip with sheep and hay to the panhandle.

Four in one day!!

Okay so two of the ewes gave us twins today … that means only 11 more ewes to go. I can’t say it was easy but the complications were easy ones … and some how the little Ewe knew ahead of time and wanted in the barn. HUH??? Mom has been doing research on sheep and she thinks she might just understand it.

This morning Pistol seemed off. Normally she is very stand offish. She doesn’t come up and eat cookies and she is pretty much a loner. However, this morning I could walk right up to her and she didn’t want me going anywhere without her. So Mom and I moved her into the barn where she stayed while I did chores and everything to get my day started. Mom had a meeting so I kept watch while she was gone. As Mom was pulling into the driveway, Pistol showed the first signs of giving birth.

Things progressed but I think they went a bit to slowly. On one push the sack with the fluid in it burst. Leaving the baby inside with No sack and no air. Thankfully Pistol delivered the first one pretty quick after that. I had to hang the baby to clear it’s lungs. Once I got that little one lined out the second little one decided to do it the hard way as well.

The second lamb started out looking okay but then things went south when his second leg wasn’t presenting. His Head was out and with each contraction the baby was getting chocked as his feet weren’t there to keep the vulva from closing around his throat. I reached in and with one quick little tug on her next contraction I was able to deliver him with no other issues.

As you can guess the first was a girl and the second was a boy. The girl is another white one and the boy is a chocolate color with swirls of white on him. So I think that since they are both strong enough to make it with the struggles that the names Artemis and Apollo, the twins of Zeus King of the Gods, are most fitting …

After we got Pistol all straightened around I went to ride and Mom went in to do her computer work …. About 20 minutes later Mom did a pasture check to find that Favorite – AKA Paige – was found behind the old stall with another set of twins. This time they are both girls. So I am going to go with Buttercup From the Princess Bride and Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Remember if you are posting names that even if we haven’t used them Please post them again and again because we can’t possibly go back and find all the old names that have posted in the past. So Keep posting as we have 11 more ewes to go and 2 goats … LOL

Only 13 more to go …

So this morning Petunia decided she was tired of being pregnant and she gave us a beautiful baby Girl … The only suggestion we got for her name was Rose Red … Snow white’s Sister in the Grimm’s fairy tales. So that is what we called her.

Then when I went to do chores I found that Ms. Henny had given birth to 9 chicks.

After that I did my riding and roping before ending my day with more chores … We still have 13 more ewes to go and I am already tired … LOL … Mom is now working on some ways to improve the flock but I told her to wait until after lambing to explain it to me as I am to tire to understand … LOL

Here we go again …

So it has been a little slow around here. Okay, Everything is slow but the wind!! For the last few days the wind has been blowing like crazy. Including gusts up to 35 MPH but holding steady at around 25 MPH … LOL I tell you at those speeds it doesn’t much really matter.

The wind is making it hard to get horses rode and with me working for Kevin today and then having a headache I was planning on kind of taking it easy. That didn’t really goes as planned either. As today Oreo decided to start the second wave of lambing. So today I give you Snow!! As in Snow White after she married Prince Charming …

Anyway, we are watching the other Shetland ewes very closely as there are a few Mom says are ready to go at anytime … LOL