More Waiting

Since the whole vet visit things around here have been a little down. Both Mom and I are trying to keep happy faces and get things done. Mom has worked on her Educational part of her Booth for Sunday. She has three different booths that she will be using it for so it is a hodge podge of all three so she only had to make one … Smart woman huh???

As for me I have spent time in the roping arena working the horses. Today Caballo Took his first saddle pad. Precious did great once I got her mounted. I have got to find a better way that makes her feel comfortable with me climbing on her back. The only issues I had was with Sandman the outside horse. He blew up and threw a temper tantrum and broke a halter. I really think everyone had just left him tied up most of the time he has been with the other trainers. I also don’t think he has ever worked up a sweat before. Well, today He did. Maybe he will get in shape and figure this riding thing out … LOL

Please with that I ask that everyone keep extra good thoughts about Coop and join me in agreeing that she will be just fine and God will heal her.

Game Changer

So today started out fine. Mom and I ran to town to get things so we could work on Projects that we had started over the last few days. When we got home we worked until about 2pm. I rode and worked the horses while Mom worked on her new feeders. At 2 we loaded up Coop to take her to the Vet. You see she has a bump under what would be her front leg where it meets her body. Kind of like your armpit area. It wasn’t much to start but in the last few days it has gotten really sore. So Mom wanted it checked out.

When we got to Doc’s we explained what was going on and he checked her out. This is where things get iffy. This bump is very sore and Doc said it could be one of two things. One is an abscess. This is actually the better of the two. The other I can’t remember the word he used but it is serious and if she was to have that she is DONE! I mean done, in the worst sense of the word. If she were to have it she would never be able to be ridden again. There would be no more roping, she would eventually go lame and have to be put down. Yup, This other thing is that serious.

So What are we doing? First, we are working on keeping like minds around us, like the bible says and saying straight up … It is an abscess and she will be healed. We are asking that everyone reading this join us in Praying, sending good thoughts and good Mojo …. Whatever you have, to Coop so that can heal quickly and be whole once more.

As for our actions to speed her recovery. She is on a strong antibiotic that will wipe out any and all infection. After all an abscess is a form of infection. Once the infection is gone we will be able to see what is causing it and have it dealt with. After all that happens we know she will be fine. We are blocking out all negative thoughts, energies and Mojo for the next two weeks.

So where does that leave us. Waiting. Waiting because in the few days it takes for her medication to take affect we will be watching to see it shrink and go away. Everything should be back to normal with her in Two weeks. She will have to take another shot Saturday Evening but that will give her a longer time to kick this.

Now, what is really going on with us. After all we are only human … Dad is mad. He asks Things like “why” and “how could this be happening to her.” Mom is trying hard to keep busy. Knowing Mom I figure the more she works the more she tries to push Doc’s words from her mind. Mom has always used busy hands to keep her thoughts from her tears. She tries to keep them away for the most part and not let anyone see but you can hear them in her voice sometimes and see them welling up from time to time. But she wards them off and doesn’t let them fall.

As for Me. I am roping everything I can. Roping is how I lose myself when life gets tough. So that is what I am doing. I literally, spent hours roping the dumbie. As for Coop she is in the pasture and will be turned out to run and play but will be checked every morning and night so we can monitor her progress.

All I can say is Please join me in agreeing that she WILL BE HEALED!

Day Two

So today went kind of like yesterday. We started out with Breakfast and Mom had a tiff with the post office. After that we decided to make the best of Mom’s Birthday. So we set out and started cleaning out the old show bird pen. We then turned it into a Shed for Mom. It is where she is going to keep her lawnmower, weed eater, Camping gear and even a bit of fencing stuff. While we worked Dad got a bit upset when Mom asked him to Cut two pieces of wood for her.

I have to admit it was confusing and funny. Mom asked Dad to cut the boards in half longways. Dad just didn’t understand. He said if she wanted them cut long ways they wouldn’t be in half. Mom got upset because she couldn’t think of any other way to say it and Dad said it couldn’t be done. LOL … Both got frustrated and I laughed at them both. Finally, we got Dad to understand. Man, when he gets something in his head he just can’t see anything else. I can’t say I didn’t help with the excitement.

When I was in the process of removing the old show pens I had Mom hold the extension cord that has a short in it. Lucky for me she didn’t get electrocuted. After that Dad went to hammering on the door we had to open up a bit more. Mom saw a huge spider and when to stomp on it and Dad took that moment to decide to try and kill the spider with his hammer. Within seconds he figured out he can’t aim because he hammer Mom’s toe instead.

When we got things done I decided to go ride. That is when I found Coop had a lump when I cinch her up. I made an appointment with the Vet and then I remembered I had turned everything else out so I had to go round the other horses up on foot. Mom took this time to go for a walk with me. We rounded them all up and then she headed back to the house for some Quiet planning time.

The next thing I know she calls me to come help with a Large branch that had come crashing down out of the tree out back. At this point Mom said that the world was out to get her … LOL … Then she went to the barn to start building a new hay feeder for the sheep and goats. I am not sure why she thought working with power tools was a good idea on a day like this. Anyway, I went back to roping and my day was uneventful after that.

After I got done riding both Dad and I went in and helped Mom finish up what she was doing. Then we ate, did chores and had a nice visit with some friends. I have to say our days seem to be getting a bit crazy around here.

One day … Three ways

Since we got home from the festival I haven’t done much but Rope and ride.  Until today that is.  The funny thing is that Dad, Mom and I all experienced the same day but honestly you couldn’t have three more different takes on it if you tried.   I better start at the beginning.

The day started off great.  I did chores and came in to a breakfast of bacon and eggs.  As we ate we all discussed what needed to be done today.  I was leaving for a roping at 1 so I planned to work Sandman …. I will have to explain who that is later.  While I was doing that Dad was going to use the flat bed trailer to move some hay from the new barn to the old barn.  Mom was going to be working in the barn as well but she was doing laundry too.  So I go out to hook up the trailer for Dad only to find the truck had a flat.  So Dad and I worked to try and get it off so we could get it fixed tomorrow when the tire shop opens.  Well, we couldn’t get it off.  

So Mom had me call another shop and lucky for me the owner was there and when I explained what was going on and that I needed the truck to haul my horse, he said to bring it in.  So I aired the tire up and sent Dad to get it fixed while I turned my attention to Sandman.  He saddled up just fine.  So I headed to the arena to pony him off of Ice.  In the arena all went well so I headed out to gather cattle with him in tow.

At this point the real fun began.  As I was trying to lead Sandman, unbeknownst to me Kidd was on the other side of Ice being a puppy.  He was jumping at Ice and trying to catch him tail.  This is normal puppy play but with Ice leading the new horse, this became an issue and Ice started acting up.  Mom saw what was going on and came to help.  First she called Kidd off .  Yup, he was in trouble.  Then she took Sandman while I tried to get Ice to calm down.   At this point Dad returned with a repaired truck.

I was still having issues with Ice so I took Sandman and Dad tried Ice.  About this time is when Mom looks up to find Cosmo running down the arena.  This means the man pen is open to the pasture and the Rams are on the loose!!!  So at this point Mom takes off to the barn, Dad takes Sandman in tow and tries to lead him through the arena to cut the Rams off if they were going to try and escape.  As for me I was back on Ice and headed out to bring Cosmo back in.  As for Ice he was forced to just get over being upset and do the job at hand.

 Mom was first to the barnyard and had everything under control before Dad even got there.  A few minutes later I had managed to get the cattle all rounded up and headed that way.  In the mean time Dad unsaddled Sandman and was heading to put him up.  In the process he managed to let Storm into Star’s pen. And had started mass confusion amoungst the horse about the time I finally got Cosmo put up.

So all this took place before noon … What a day right??  Well, Dad was upset and grumpy about the whole thing and asked what else could go wrong. He considered the morning a pain and was telling everyone about it.    Mom, on the other hand considered our.morning a blessed gift because no one and nothing got hurt.  As for me …. Well, what a rush can we do it again????