If that ain’t a lot of Bull

So today I started at Kevin’s. Everything went okay and I got home to lunch before I headed out to get in my roping and riding. That is where life got interesting. The outside horse wanted to buck and Mr. Zebu was challenging me while I roped. It was definitely one of those days.

So When I got home I found Mom was making up eat left overs for lunch. I will say this … Yes, pulled Pork is good. No, I do not want to eat it more then one time in a row … Just saying. Anyway, at least she made me some gravy to put on it and didn’t make it bar-b-que like normal. After I ate I headed out to ride the outside horse. I have no idea what seems to be his issue. I rode him four or five days in a row with no issues at all. Then today, I don’t know why, but he went sideways and started bucking like crazy half way across the pasture. I got him under control and stayed with him until he stopped. Mom marked me a 65 and I didn’t have to try and land my dismount … Thank the Lord! LOL … I honestly think that at times something will catch his attention out of the corner of his eye and he loses it. I am just glad this time I stayed with him. That hitting the ground is for the birds.

After that I worked Precious and she is coming along well. I am waiting for a calm day with no wind to get some good video of her. She has come a long way. She is actually getting confidence. To a point where I think she is bullying Storm. As the day Precious and Storm were in the same pen Storm turned up with a swollen ankle. She is now being doctored and we will see if I can get the swelling to go down if not she will have to go see Doc. There isn’t any heat to it so we think she just twisted it somehow.

Finally, I got on Ice to get in a little roping practice. All was going fine until Mr. Zebu decided he didn’t want me roping the girl calves. This was not a good deal. I roped one got off my horse and tied it only to come face to face with all 500lbs of Bull. It caught me off guard and all I could think to do was throw something at him. I was in the arena so dirt was about all there was … LOL I know throwing dirt at a Bull even a small one really isn’t all that intimidating. But it was all I had … LOL.

Lucky for me Mom was watching and as I got back to the safety of my horse, her and Dad were over half way across the pasture. Mom said enough was enough and that her and Dad would get his summer pen ready a bit early. Okay, really early. It is only February but if he is going to act like … Well … A Bull … He is going to be treated like one. That means off to the bull pen for him.

However, that also means moving the rams and billies. So Mom and Dad cleaned out the Red shed pen and I helped move the feeder. Then Mom and I moved the Men to their Summer pen and Cosmo and Mr. Zebu were banished to the East pen! After all that Mom looked at us and asked if Pulled Pork was okay for dinner …. NOOOOOOOOO! She made me chicken strips and Mac and Cheese before I went back out and finished the nights chores.

As for now Mom and I are going to finish a Perry Mason we started …. yesterday I think …. and then I am going to call it a night. On the up side while all that way going on there were other things getting done around here. Things like tilling the garden and cutting up the large wood we need to move, Reba and her babies grazing the yard pen … You know … Everyday stuff … LOL

One thought on “If that ain’t a lot of Bull

  1. Excellent news on Precious! I look forward to seeing her & you in action. Also, better dirt than having to make a bolt through the fence or trying your hand at being a matador!

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