Long Weekend

So my weekend started Friday. I left the house about 5pm after a short visit with Sandman’s owner. I was headed to a team roping … Little did I know I was headed to an endless weekend of no sleep. At the Friday night roping there were 346 teams and it didn’t start until 8pm. Then I had to leave Saturday by 11am to head to two others. With Very little sleep it was a rough haul.

So Friday was a team roping. It started at 8pm with 346 teams in four rounds. I made it to the final round but didn’t do any good. I got done about 4am and with a long drive home I didn’t get chores done from Friday night until Saturday Morning at about 6am. I got in bed and slept from 6 to about 10:15am.

When I got up I did part of the chores and headed out again. This time it was to a timed event rodeo. I won second in the average and split second and third in the second round. That mean me and another guy tied for second place so they put second and third together and we split it. From there I moved on to another rodeo and I was up during the event so I had hoped to get home a bit earlier then the day before. However, I did good and held second place through the performance so I had to stay until after the slack was run to see if I had won anything. I waited all that time to be one out of the money … LOL … sometimes I think that is the story of my life.

This morning Mom said we all could sleep in as long as we got up and did chores on time. Then we could go back to bed. So this morning turned into a dog and pony show. Apparently, at 9am Dad came into my room and told me to get up and get the chores done and then I could go back to bed. All I remember is him telling me I could go back to bed. I couldn’t figure out why he was telling me to go back to bed …. So I turned over and went back to sleep. Then about 10am he again came in and told me chores were now late and that if I got up he would help me with the chores so they would be done faster and we could then both go back to bed. I don’t remember any of that … The only thing I know is that a little after 10am I woke up asking Mom “Why are you yelling at me? … I am not even out of bed yet!” Mom took one look and me and said “That is the whole point … We have gotten you up three times now and you were supposed to be up an hour and a half ago to do chores on time.”

I was so confused. At that point Mom could tell I wasn’t really awake awake and started laughing. I finally was able to get with it and figure out what was going on. I got up and around and did chores while Mom ran to town. When we got done Dad went back to bed and slept until well after 2pm. I stayed up and helped Mom bring in the stuff from town. She brought donuts for breakfast and we took it easy today.

I took some time to ride my outside horse but after I post this I am going to take my shower and head to bed as I have to go help Kevin again in the morning. I don’t have to do our chores in the morning so I don’t have to get up until 6am and I saved some donuts from today so I am setting it up so that tomorrow might turn out to be a good day!!!

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