Another one …

So last night I went to bed early. Mom kept watch. She had said Gurtie was ready and with Gurtie she is so Vocal all the time that labor doesn’t change that. Mom and her “talk” all day long. Sometimes I even think Mom thinks Gurtie really understands her … LOL I guess as long as Gurtie doesn’t start answering her in human talk all is well.

Anyway, I as in bed and out the minute my head hit the pillow. It was around 8:30pm. Mom held out until just after midnight. By then she was so tired she said she couldn’t see straight. So she headed off to bed. At Dad’s 3am check Miss Gurtie had a baby by her side. It was a bit wet and Gurt still had a nasty butt so Dad got me up and I helped him gather her into the barn. I got her settled and then went to let Mom know. I told her everything was fine and that she didn’t need to do anything, then I headed back to bed.

Mom was so tired from the days of lambing that she fell right back off to sleep as well. Neither of us got up until 6am. Mom got me up and I Was LATE. I got dressed and headed to Kevin’s. I ate some cookies and had a energy drink on the way for breakfast.

When I got home I found that Mom was not only still tired, she wasn’t in the best of moods. Let me see if I can give you a run down of the things she was a bit unhappy about. First and most important … Dad and I got the babies mixed up when we put Gurtie in the barn. That meant Hersey’s Baby, Mia was in With Carrie. This is a big issue because Carrie didn’t let her nurse but this morning Hersey didn’t want to take her back. Mom got everything straight and then worked with Hershey to make her let the little one nurse. What ever Mom did it worked as Hersey was taking both her babies and Mom had let them back out onto the pasture by the time I got home.

Carrie’s little Anna had lost weight from the whole ordeal so Carrie and her twins had to stay in the barn. Reba’s babies were doing great so Mom let Reba out so that her babies could soak up the vitamins the sun had to offer. Once she got that barn all set for the day, she headed to do the horses. And it turns out that either I didn’t close the gate right yesterday night or my horses have opposable thumbs and can open the gate. So she then got all the horses where they were suppose to be and fed, just to have the billy challenger her each time she passed through that stall …

As you can tell her day was busy and not in a good way. When I got home I wasn’t much help. Mom wanted Patch checked to see if she was even showing signs of being bred. She said that if Patch wasn’t showing signs she wanted to get a good night’s sleep before the conference tomorrow. Well, I looked at Patch as she ran by and announced she looked fine to me. Now I probably should have actually got my hands on her and checked the parts I needed to check before saying that because Mom wasn’t impressed. She was wore out and tired and I was kind of not wanting to mess with Patch so I was kind of smarting off. I will just say this … It wasn’t the smartest thing I have ever done. Mom got Mad. M.A.D. MAD!

She worked most the rest of the day without saying one more word to me. I roped but wasn’t real proud of myself so when I got done I tried to help Mom and all she would say is that she didn’t want my help if I didn’t want to help her. It made for a long day. After Dinner I did chores and watched a bit of TV. Soon I will be heading off to bed and tomorrow I am in charge of the farm.

Now to try and get on Mom’s good side I am going to name Gurtie’s little Boy Frog. Mom wanted to name one Frog because she says every girl has to kiss more then one frog to find her Prince. So Frog it is….


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