Yup, it was a farm kind of day!

So some days are on the farm are normal everyday kinds of days, While others are nothing short of exhausting. Today was one of those days. Unfortunately, it is those kinds of days that make life so worthwhile and brings everything back into prospective. I will back up only enough to tell you I was out late roping last night. I came home to the threat of storms so we stalled all the sheep with lambs. Then I headed to bed about midnight.

This morning I went to Kevin’s to work. I was tired but I didn’t have to do chores so that made it a bit better. I also got a new to me saddle rack for the barn. This one is vertical, takes up less room and can hold 4 saddles. So my day was looking up at that point already. When I got home Dad and I redid the barn with the new rack. Then I headed out to ride and get some roping done.

About half way through Mom came out the back door hollering. The Neighbor had called and he has cattle on his property on the backside of our property. Well, one of those cows was in trouble and he was trying to get things under control when his 4 wheeler died. I was already on horse back so I headed that way while Dad saddled up. Now, when I say my neighbor, I don’t mean like in town and right next door. I mean we had to ride on horse back about a mile to get to him out in a pasture.

When I got there I got her roped and tried to lay her down but she was about 1200lbs and Ice just wasn’t big enough so we ended up waiting for Dad to get there. Once we got her down, the neighbor and his Father In Law pulled the calf. I have to say, it wasn’t looking good because at this point the cow prolapsed. The Father In Law got their Vet on the phone and headed that way. Then all our attention turned to the calf.

The calf wasn’t doing well at all. The Cow was a first time heifer so that played a part in what was going on as well. The Cow didn’t try to clean it and it was getting more rattly as the minutes clicked by. Concern was raising so I looked at the neighbor and told him we need to hang that calf if we are going to save it. I explained that is how we save lambs that aren’t doing well. We hang them by their back legs for two or three minutes to clear their lungs. He took one look around and asked but how are we going to do that to this 140lb calf. Over my horse I told him. And we did.

Storm stood with that calf hanging over her butt with Dad and I holding it from it’s back legs while the neighbor and his Father In Law kept the cow down until the Vet got there. I will tell you one thing … Hanging a calf that big over your horse’s butt will make your arm burn and feel like rubber. After a few minutes we lowered the calf. Minutes later you couldn’t even hear him really rattle. That is a good thing.

After the Vet arrived he worked on the Cow and sewed her up. When she was let loose she ran off without her calf. We rounded her up again and she just seemed to be in a panic and running. So we backed off and let her calm down before taking her calf to her. We put the calf about 100 yards away and then we eased her up to it. Success! When we left the cow was licking the calf and talking to it. I am sure they will keep a close watch and make sure everything goes well from here on out.

Dad and I rode home to a full load of chores, chili for dinner and a bit of relaxing before bed …. Yup I live a Charmed life!!

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