Wow more babies!!

I am going to give you the short version of what went on today. I started out doing a pasture check and found Hershey had twins. I happened upon them must minutes after birth so I got them in and under the light as it was 32 outside this morning. If you follow us at all you know Hershey has issues every year as she isn’t the best Mom at all. Anyway, Mom got everything set up after I got them in the barn while I went to get everything fed.

Mom spent about 2 hours getting Hershey set up. She had to lower the light and even tried jackets but that made Hershey treat her babies even worse. At one point Hershey went after the little boys cord and bit it off really short. This isn’t the normal biting of the cord this was at least an hour after he was born and he was trying to nurse.

Anyway, I left Mom working on Separating the babies with a panel and headed to Kevin’s (the horse trainer – I am helping him out until he can find someone that will make a good hand) I guess she got everything done because about half way there I got a call that she needed me back. I turned around and about 5 minutes later I was called and told “Never Mind I got it.”

As it turned out Mom found Reba having issues … The bad thing is that she wasn’t even suppose to be bred. The Brat. Anyway, the first lamb got stuck but Mom got it worked out. She said it was the head that was stuck but she is always scared when pulling them as you have to really pull hard.

When I got home Mom had the two new sets of twins in the barn, Big Momma and Prince Charming were out on the pasture and Fudgie and William and Kate were in a pen inside the barn door. We weighed all the lambs and then we put Fudgie and her twins outside. I will weigh them again tomorrow … If they are losing weight again they will be brought in again. I also spent some time doctoring on Reba as she has been thin and anemic for about the last Month. We had been doctoring her but she does this ever winter so we thought it was just her normal body issues.

After that I rode the outside horse and then I headed out to a roping with a friend. I think I fit everything in this but now I have to pick names for the two sets of twins.

So here they are. Hershey’s babies are now known as Mia and Erik 015

And Reba gave us Grace and Ranier 020

2 thoughts on “Wow more babies!!

  1. Congratulations on the new babies. Best wishes to Reba in her recovery (great work Christy) & to Hershey in figuring it all out. I shall have to tel my husband he has a namesake in OK (Erik). šŸ˜€

    How did the roping go?

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