The little things going on

So it is a rainy day and I thought I would catch everyone up on the little things that have been going on around here. First, we got the new hay feeders done and the goats pretty much tore it up. Mom had to fix and revamp it. And now it needs it again. Mom says that she will have to find something stronger to hold the hay. Thanks to an issue we haven’t seen before Fudgie will be staying in the barn a bit longer.

You see Fudgie’s Babies learned to drink water from a bucket with in 24 hours of birth. In new born lambs, taking in Momma’s milk is the most important thing. Filling their tummies with water is counter productive. It causes them to lose weight and freeze to death as we don’t heat the water we give the Ewes. We tried putting them out on pasture but they ended up over by the water trough drinking away. So we took a hog panel and cut a head hole in it and then put the water bucket on the outside of the pen. This works wonderful in the barn and the lambs are up a bouncing around. When they are around water and they fill up on it they get runny poop and have no energy. So they will be staying in the barn until we figure out a way to have them outside with out water.

Other then that Sunday Mom took part in a Chocolate Gala and had a blast. She had kids creating with wool through out the night. It was a church fundraiser so Mom said it was a perfect world for her. Chocolate, fiber and the Lord … She was in Heaven.

The last thing going on around here is that I got a job. Okay, Kinda … LOL I will be helping out our horse trainer until he can find someone … I will be working just 5 hours a day and I will be home by noon to get my work done here. He is interviewing next week so I will always be on call for him but he is trying to get some one he can count on. We will see how it all works out. He has an amazing barn and facility so I am hoping to learn a bit too.

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