If that ain’t a lot of Bull

So today I started at Kevin’s. Everything went okay and I got home to lunch before I headed out to get in my roping and riding. That is where life got interesting. The outside horse wanted to buck and Mr. Zebu was challenging me while I roped. It was definitely one of those days.

So When I got home I found Mom was making up eat left overs for lunch. I will say this … Yes, pulled Pork is good. No, I do not want to eat it more then one time in a row … Just saying. Anyway, at least she made me some gravy to put on it and didn’t make it bar-b-que like normal. After I ate I headed out to ride the outside horse. I have no idea what seems to be his issue. I rode him four or five days in a row with no issues at all. Then today, I don’t know why, but he went sideways and started bucking like crazy half way across the pasture. I got him under control and stayed with him until he stopped. Mom marked me a 65 and I didn’t have to try and land my dismount … Thank the Lord! LOL … I honestly think that at times something will catch his attention out of the corner of his eye and he loses it. I am just glad this time I stayed with him. That hitting the ground is for the birds.

After that I worked Precious and she is coming along well. I am waiting for a calm day with no wind to get some good video of her. She has come a long way. She is actually getting confidence. To a point where I think she is bullying Storm. As the day Precious and Storm were in the same pen Storm turned up with a swollen ankle. She is now being doctored and we will see if I can get the swelling to go down if not she will have to go see Doc. There isn’t any heat to it so we think she just twisted it somehow.

Finally, I got on Ice to get in a little roping practice. All was going fine until Mr. Zebu decided he didn’t want me roping the girl calves. This was not a good deal. I roped one got off my horse and tied it only to come face to face with all 500lbs of Bull. It caught me off guard and all I could think to do was throw something at him. I was in the arena so dirt was about all there was … LOL I know throwing dirt at a Bull even a small one really isn’t all that intimidating. But it was all I had … LOL.

Lucky for me Mom was watching and as I got back to the safety of my horse, her and Dad were over half way across the pasture. Mom said enough was enough and that her and Dad would get his summer pen ready a bit early. Okay, really early. It is only February but if he is going to act like … Well … A Bull … He is going to be treated like one. That means off to the bull pen for him.

However, that also means moving the rams and billies. So Mom and Dad cleaned out the Red shed pen and I helped move the feeder. Then Mom and I moved the Men to their Summer pen and Cosmo and Mr. Zebu were banished to the East pen! After all that Mom looked at us and asked if Pulled Pork was okay for dinner …. NOOOOOOOOO! She made me chicken strips and Mac and Cheese before I went back out and finished the nights chores.

As for now Mom and I are going to finish a Perry Mason we started …. yesterday I think …. and then I am going to call it a night. On the up side while all that way going on there were other things getting done around here. Things like tilling the garden and cutting up the large wood we need to move, Reba and her babies grazing the yard pen … You know … Everyday stuff … LOL

Long Weekend

So my weekend started Friday. I left the house about 5pm after a short visit with Sandman’s owner. I was headed to a team roping … Little did I know I was headed to an endless weekend of no sleep. At the Friday night roping there were 346 teams and it didn’t start until 8pm. Then I had to leave Saturday by 11am to head to two others. With Very little sleep it was a rough haul.

So Friday was a team roping. It started at 8pm with 346 teams in four rounds. I made it to the final round but didn’t do any good. I got done about 4am and with a long drive home I didn’t get chores done from Friday night until Saturday Morning at about 6am. I got in bed and slept from 6 to about 10:15am.

When I got up I did part of the chores and headed out again. This time it was to a timed event rodeo. I won second in the average and split second and third in the second round. That mean me and another guy tied for second place so they put second and third together and we split it. From there I moved on to another rodeo and I was up during the event so I had hoped to get home a bit earlier then the day before. However, I did good and held second place through the performance so I had to stay until after the slack was run to see if I had won anything. I waited all that time to be one out of the money … LOL … sometimes I think that is the story of my life.

This morning Mom said we all could sleep in as long as we got up and did chores on time. Then we could go back to bed. So this morning turned into a dog and pony show. Apparently, at 9am Dad came into my room and told me to get up and get the chores done and then I could go back to bed. All I remember is him telling me I could go back to bed. I couldn’t figure out why he was telling me to go back to bed …. So I turned over and went back to sleep. Then about 10am he again came in and told me chores were now late and that if I got up he would help me with the chores so they would be done faster and we could then both go back to bed. I don’t remember any of that … The only thing I know is that a little after 10am I woke up asking Mom “Why are you yelling at me? … I am not even out of bed yet!” Mom took one look and me and said “That is the whole point … We have gotten you up three times now and you were supposed to be up an hour and a half ago to do chores on time.”

I was so confused. At that point Mom could tell I wasn’t really awake awake and started laughing. I finally was able to get with it and figure out what was going on. I got up and around and did chores while Mom ran to town. When we got done Dad went back to bed and slept until well after 2pm. I stayed up and helped Mom bring in the stuff from town. She brought donuts for breakfast and we took it easy today.

I took some time to ride my outside horse but after I post this I am going to take my shower and head to bed as I have to go help Kevin again in the morning. I don’t have to do our chores in the morning so I don’t have to get up until 6am and I saved some donuts from today so I am setting it up so that tomorrow might turn out to be a good day!!!

Another one …

So last night I went to bed early. Mom kept watch. She had said Gurtie was ready and with Gurtie she is so Vocal all the time that labor doesn’t change that. Mom and her “talk” all day long. Sometimes I even think Mom thinks Gurtie really understands her … LOL I guess as long as Gurtie doesn’t start answering her in human talk all is well.

Anyway, I as in bed and out the minute my head hit the pillow. It was around 8:30pm. Mom held out until just after midnight. By then she was so tired she said she couldn’t see straight. So she headed off to bed. At Dad’s 3am check Miss Gurtie had a baby by her side. It was a bit wet and Gurt still had a nasty butt so Dad got me up and I helped him gather her into the barn. I got her settled and then went to let Mom know. I told her everything was fine and that she didn’t need to do anything, then I headed back to bed.

Mom was so tired from the days of lambing that she fell right back off to sleep as well. Neither of us got up until 6am. Mom got me up and I Was LATE. I got dressed and headed to Kevin’s. I ate some cookies and had a energy drink on the way for breakfast.

When I got home I found that Mom was not only still tired, she wasn’t in the best of moods. Let me see if I can give you a run down of the things she was a bit unhappy about. First and most important … Dad and I got the babies mixed up when we put Gurtie in the barn. That meant Hersey’s Baby, Mia was in With Carrie. This is a big issue because Carrie didn’t let her nurse but this morning Hersey didn’t want to take her back. Mom got everything straight and then worked with Hershey to make her let the little one nurse. What ever Mom did it worked as Hersey was taking both her babies and Mom had let them back out onto the pasture by the time I got home.

Carrie’s little Anna had lost weight from the whole ordeal so Carrie and her twins had to stay in the barn. Reba’s babies were doing great so Mom let Reba out so that her babies could soak up the vitamins the sun had to offer. Once she got that barn all set for the day, she headed to do the horses. And it turns out that either I didn’t close the gate right yesterday night or my horses have opposable thumbs and can open the gate. So she then got all the horses where they were suppose to be and fed, just to have the billy challenger her each time she passed through that stall …

As you can tell her day was busy and not in a good way. When I got home I wasn’t much help. Mom wanted Patch checked to see if she was even showing signs of being bred. She said that if Patch wasn’t showing signs she wanted to get a good night’s sleep before the conference tomorrow. Well, I looked at Patch as she ran by and announced she looked fine to me. Now I probably should have actually got my hands on her and checked the parts I needed to check before saying that because Mom wasn’t impressed. She was wore out and tired and I was kind of not wanting to mess with Patch so I was kind of smarting off. I will just say this … It wasn’t the smartest thing I have ever done. Mom got Mad. M.A.D. MAD!

She worked most the rest of the day without saying one more word to me. I roped but wasn’t real proud of myself so when I got done I tried to help Mom and all she would say is that she didn’t want my help if I didn’t want to help her. It made for a long day. After Dinner I did chores and watched a bit of TV. Soon I will be heading off to bed and tomorrow I am in charge of the farm.

Now to try and get on Mom’s good side I am going to name Gurtie’s little Boy Frog. Mom wanted to name one Frog because she says every girl has to kiss more then one frog to find her Prince. So Frog it is….


When I last Left you

So Last night I got in from a crazy day and was all showered up and heading off to lay in my bed and get a little facebook time. Well, have you ever wondered if I got that great night’s sleep??? The answer is not really. I got some sleep but it didn’t go as planned. At 19 years of age I am now learning to ask myself … Does anything Ever go according to plans???

Well, I did get to bed but the coyotes were so thick last night it wasn’t funny. We had be just putting two dogs out a night so that at least one would be able to get a good night’s sleep for the next night’s work. However, Those Coyotes were thick as thieves last night and even could be seen out on the back pasture. With All three dogs working and keeping them at bay Carrie decided to start acting up. She drove all the sheep and goats out from under the safety of the stall.

Okay there was a reason. And that reason was the same reason the coyotes were sticking around. Carrie was in Labor. Mom and I got her into the barn and settled in for the night an got everything calmed down. Then I headed to bed while Mom kept watch. Less then 30 minutes later Carrie gave birth to twin Ewes. So that Brings the count to 5 ewes and 5 ram lambs so far.

Elsa and Anna are both doing well but they didn’t get weighted until this morning … Between the two of them Carrie gave birth to over 20 lbs. If you remember last year she gave us 16lb Gigi. Carrie does give us some big ones.


Then after once again being up late I was helping Kevin out again this morning. At least no more babies came. Mom did turn Hersey out for the day with her twins and she is really doing good. This is her third year and Man she is finally getting it. Anyway, Mom took some time to take some baby pics so I thought I would post them here for you all to enjoy. All I seemed to get done today was the horses rode and chores.

And I AM going to bed early. I have my shower and am headed them after this posts … LOL And just so you know Gurtie is looking like Mom will be keeping watch on her tonight … LOL Anyway, enjoy the pics …






Yup, it was a farm kind of day!

So some days are on the farm are normal everyday kinds of days, While others are nothing short of exhausting. Today was one of those days. Unfortunately, it is those kinds of days that make life so worthwhile and brings everything back into prospective. I will back up only enough to tell you I was out late roping last night. I came home to the threat of storms so we stalled all the sheep with lambs. Then I headed to bed about midnight.

This morning I went to Kevin’s to work. I was tired but I didn’t have to do chores so that made it a bit better. I also got a new to me saddle rack for the barn. This one is vertical, takes up less room and can hold 4 saddles. So my day was looking up at that point already. When I got home Dad and I redid the barn with the new rack. Then I headed out to ride and get some roping done.

About half way through Mom came out the back door hollering. The Neighbor had called and he has cattle on his property on the backside of our property. Well, one of those cows was in trouble and he was trying to get things under control when his 4 wheeler died. I was already on horse back so I headed that way while Dad saddled up. Now, when I say my neighbor, I don’t mean like in town and right next door. I mean we had to ride on horse back about a mile to get to him out in a pasture.

When I got there I got her roped and tried to lay her down but she was about 1200lbs and Ice just wasn’t big enough so we ended up waiting for Dad to get there. Once we got her down, the neighbor and his Father In Law pulled the calf. I have to say, it wasn’t looking good because at this point the cow prolapsed. The Father In Law got their Vet on the phone and headed that way. Then all our attention turned to the calf.

The calf wasn’t doing well at all. The Cow was a first time heifer so that played a part in what was going on as well. The Cow didn’t try to clean it and it was getting more rattly as the minutes clicked by. Concern was raising so I looked at the neighbor and told him we need to hang that calf if we are going to save it. I explained that is how we save lambs that aren’t doing well. We hang them by their back legs for two or three minutes to clear their lungs. He took one look around and asked but how are we going to do that to this 140lb calf. Over my horse I told him. And we did.

Storm stood with that calf hanging over her butt with Dad and I holding it from it’s back legs while the neighbor and his Father In Law kept the cow down until the Vet got there. I will tell you one thing … Hanging a calf that big over your horse’s butt will make your arm burn and feel like rubber. After a few minutes we lowered the calf. Minutes later you couldn’t even hear him really rattle. That is a good thing.

After the Vet arrived he worked on the Cow and sewed her up. When she was let loose she ran off without her calf. We rounded her up again and she just seemed to be in a panic and running. So we backed off and let her calm down before taking her calf to her. We put the calf about 100 yards away and then we eased her up to it. Success! When we left the cow was licking the calf and talking to it. I am sure they will keep a close watch and make sure everything goes well from here on out.

Dad and I rode home to a full load of chores, chili for dinner and a bit of relaxing before bed …. Yup I live a Charmed life!!


So this morning started off with Melody giving birth to a good looking Ram. Melody is a first time Momma so we wanted to make sure she was taking care of the little guy. Of Coarse Melody Freaked out a bit at her first birth but she is doing wonderful. So I give to you Prince Hans ….



After I got everything done with her I set out to ride the outside horse and then get ready to go to a team roping. I didn’t do any good but I had fun so that is a good thing. I will tell you this though. We only have 3 more ewes to go before round one of lambing season is over with. YUP, Three. We have Patch, Carrie and Gurtie. Then we start our next wave of the Shetlands and the QTs. There was about a week we had nothing breeding so that means we should have at least 5 days of no babies. However, if nothing bred in the second wave until their second cycle we will have about a two to three week break. Only time will tell.

Wow more babies!!

I am going to give you the short version of what went on today. I started out doing a pasture check and found Hershey had twins. I happened upon them must minutes after birth so I got them in and under the light as it was 32 outside this morning. If you follow us at all you know Hershey has issues every year as she isn’t the best Mom at all. Anyway, Mom got everything set up after I got them in the barn while I went to get everything fed.

Mom spent about 2 hours getting Hershey set up. She had to lower the light and even tried jackets but that made Hershey treat her babies even worse. At one point Hershey went after the little boys cord and bit it off really short. This isn’t the normal biting of the cord this was at least an hour after he was born and he was trying to nurse.

Anyway, I left Mom working on Separating the babies with a panel and headed to Kevin’s (the horse trainer – I am helping him out until he can find someone that will make a good hand) I guess she got everything done because about half way there I got a call that she needed me back. I turned around and about 5 minutes later I was called and told “Never Mind I got it.”

As it turned out Mom found Reba having issues … The bad thing is that she wasn’t even suppose to be bred. The Brat. Anyway, the first lamb got stuck but Mom got it worked out. She said it was the head that was stuck but she is always scared when pulling them as you have to really pull hard.

When I got home Mom had the two new sets of twins in the barn, Big Momma and Prince Charming were out on the pasture and Fudgie and William and Kate were in a pen inside the barn door. We weighed all the lambs and then we put Fudgie and her twins outside. I will weigh them again tomorrow … If they are losing weight again they will be brought in again. I also spent some time doctoring on Reba as she has been thin and anemic for about the last Month. We had been doctoring her but she does this ever winter so we thought it was just her normal body issues.

After that I rode the outside horse and then I headed out to a roping with a friend. I think I fit everything in this but now I have to pick names for the two sets of twins.

So here they are. Hershey’s babies are now known as Mia and Erik 015

And Reba gave us Grace and Ranier 020

The little things going on

So it is a rainy day and I thought I would catch everyone up on the little things that have been going on around here. First, we got the new hay feeders done and the goats pretty much tore it up. Mom had to fix and revamp it. And now it needs it again. Mom says that she will have to find something stronger to hold the hay. Thanks to an issue we haven’t seen before Fudgie will be staying in the barn a bit longer.

You see Fudgie’s Babies learned to drink water from a bucket with in 24 hours of birth. In new born lambs, taking in Momma’s milk is the most important thing. Filling their tummies with water is counter productive. It causes them to lose weight and freeze to death as we don’t heat the water we give the Ewes. We tried putting them out on pasture but they ended up over by the water trough drinking away. So we took a hog panel and cut a head hole in it and then put the water bucket on the outside of the pen. This works wonderful in the barn and the lambs are up a bouncing around. When they are around water and they fill up on it they get runny poop and have no energy. So they will be staying in the barn until we figure out a way to have them outside with out water.

Other then that Sunday Mom took part in a Chocolate Gala and had a blast. She had kids creating with wool through out the night. It was a church fundraiser so Mom said it was a perfect world for her. Chocolate, fiber and the Lord … She was in Heaven.

The last thing going on around here is that I got a job. Okay, Kinda … LOL I will be helping out our horse trainer until he can find someone … I will be working just 5 hours a day and I will be home by noon to get my work done here. He is interviewing next week so I will always be on call for him but he is trying to get some one he can count on. We will see how it all works out. He has an amazing barn and facility so I am hoping to learn a bit too.

Prince Charming Has arrived

So this morning Mom sent Dad to go on a Pasture Check first thing. Only to have me go out a short time later to figure out He didn’t exactly do a complete pasture Check. As Big Momma had this little one cleaned and up nursing when I got to them. Thanks to his tuff on his head and the people on Facebook, we now have Prince Charming … LOL Don’t forget if we don’t use your name keep posting it because we don’t go back and look … We simply look at the post of the birth on facebook, youtube or Ravelry or comments here. Then we choose the one most recommended for that baby. Also remember you go live on Youtube with each birth …

So Prince Charming it is … LOL



It’s Time!!!

So lambing season has begun. Fudge gave us twins this morning … One Girl and One Boy … Now we need names … Everyone voted for Prince and Princess names so lets hear them. Either post here, on youtube or on Facebook. 008





So this is set to post after I leave to go roping but when everyone gets home from work or school so lets get those names shouted out and stop Mom from calling them boy and girl … lol