Fleece and More Fleece

So We are home from Winter Woolfest and we had a great time. But we are still committed to getting the fleece around here under control. It is time for the back log to go and then when we get the shares back we will once again be back on track from the whole mill fiasco. We hope that once those are returned and sent out everyone will be both pleased and happy.

In the mean time Mom is working to get every other fleece assigned a to a project. Yeah!!! But lucky for all of you we have some of the fleeces priced at .25 cents an ounce at the festival still available. So for those who have been asking take a look and let us know if there is anything you want. After one week we will be posting it to a Facebook group that has some people in it wanting some and finally after that Mom will get to assign anything left a project
… So here it goes …
If you are interested in any of the Fleeces Please be aware that all Fleece are dirty and Raw. They sell for .25 cents an ounce plus shipping costs. Everything is first come first serve. All sales requests will be handled by emailing the Fleece number to farmontheprairie@gmail.com and all sales must be paid by paypal or the etsy shop listing. Your choice.

So take a look and let us know what tickles your fancy!!









A Whole lot of waiting

So for the last few days it hasn’t been much of anything around here. We finished up all the shots for everything with the cold, cough and sniffles. With the exception of me and Mom … LOL!! Thanks to a nice break in the weather after all that rain we have been doing a bit of cleaning of stalls and pens. To top that off we also found the last of last years Roosters homes only to have 4 not so healthy looking Hens come in some time later. The only other thing that has been going on is Sheep watch. So I convinced Mom that we needed something a bit more exciting for the blog …. And I got her to go take some pics while I fit in some roping … Enjoy!!!











Roping and Ridin’

So today was just a normal ol’ day on the farm for me. I started out checking ewes and doing chores. Then I did a bit of roping. After I worked the horses I loaded up and headed south. I went to a Roping and I won the first round and second in the average. This rodeo was an ACRA/CRRA Rodeo so I bought my card for the CRRA association and plan on going to a few more of theirs this year.

On the way home I stopped off to get some dog food we needed and more animal crackers as we were getting low. When I got home it was dark so I did chores and doctored all the horses. I also added Hank to our cold doctoring rounds. She will get a shot every 48 hours for three shots. And yes she has a runny nose and babbles when she breaths. I am Praying that this weather will straighten out and all the doctoring will end soon.

A day of Nuttin’

So Today I was feeling a bit better AFTER I got some medication in me. So I stayed in for the cooler part of the day. I podcast with Mom as she has a meeting tomorrow and I have a roping. Then we just did little projects around the house. I worked on my glass cutting project while Mom worked on her Peg loom.

As it hit mid day I felt pretty good so I took to the roping pen. I could only practice break away as is it was still a bit to muddy to really get much tie down roping done. Who wants to get soaked in mud when you are sick … Not to mention the calves would get wet and muddy as well. Honestly, I don’t need to be doctoring them along with everything else on the farm right now.

I rounded out my day with chores, Doctoring horses and a bit of TV watching before I helped Mom sort our signs. She is going to make a new bag for the ones we use all the time. As for now I am taking my night time cold meds and heading to bed … Good Night World!!

Attention, Attention

So today we have a special visit from the makers of The Square. For those of you who don’t know we use the Square to do our credit card and debit card orders at Festivals and here on the farm. And for the record they came to interview us and see how their product impacts our lives. I think they were surprised and they had fun. As for Me and Mom we were a bit different then what they were used to. And to tell the truth we are not used to being wired for sound, two people interviewing us and three cameras on every part of the farm.

To start with if you have ever met Mom you know she talks with her hands. That means the mic did go flying at least once … Mom just kept apologizing … LOL. I on the other hand was taken back at the fact that they wanted to see everything I had won roping. And I mean everything. The wall of ribbons, the case of buckles and the shelf of trophies. Mom was embarrassed as the trophies weren’t dusted! LOL

After all that we headed into town. Mom and I found ourselves at the back door of our town museum. We had been asked there to set up and see what needed to be done with an old walking wheel from 1847. Mom told the people what were working there that this beauty needed a name. They never did tell us what it was … the Actually laughed at the idea. Mom says she will be naming her as soon as she can come up with a grand old name.


Mom took time to feed me a good hot lunch, got some cold medication and then we headed home. I spent the rest of my day riding and checking the sheep. And for those of you who are like Mom and excited to see the babies come here is an idea of what the sheep look like so far … I think Fudgie might give us some twins this year …. LOL … What do you think?


Yup all the sheep are kind of looking a bit overweight … or very Preggoooooo!!!! LOL


They all run from me at WhooHaa Checks now … I think they are wanting to keep things private!! I finished my day filling waters, Haying everything and doing chores since Dad worked late.

I have a cold

So I woke up this morning feeling like the horses … I have no idea if horse colds can be caught by a human but man is my head full. I spent the day doctoring the horses and just hanging out as Mom and I both have headaches and I have a head cold. It made for a good day to stay inside and get a few things done. Dad even went and got feed after he got home from work.

Mom and I worked on the Spring and Summer Calendar. In May we have a three week Homesteading with Animals class that will have three weekly independent classes. If you take the series you get a price discount. The three classes will be Animal Selection, care and use on a homestead, Everything Milk and Everything Fiber. We will be talking about just about everything in those classes from care to alternative incomes and uses.

Then we will have our kids programs again this year. Saturday Mornings in July we will have our reading program. In June we will again have our Night Lights Programs. We are also working on some classes away from the farm … In February Mom has a cheese Demo she is doing for the OHCE. And we are working on others … LOL

After getting a calendar going I left Mom to her cleaning and went out and rode Coop and Ice but I didn’t go to my roping tonight. I figured I was a bit to slow on my toes tonight to do any good. Mom and I plan on hitting the hay early so that we will be fresh for our visit tomorrow.

Interesting … Very Interesting

So today has been one of those days where you sit back and ask your self a few questions. Questions like … Really??? Did that just happen??? It started with Mom getting woke up not to happily by a cat having an accident in her bed because Dad didn’t put him out when he left for work. That is one of the down sides to feeding outside cats inside. Mom was ready to kill both the Cat and Dad to say the least. I mean after all she was still asleep in the bed when the Cat visited her … LOL … I know it isn’t funny but it is when it doesn’t happen to you!!

Then as the day went on I found that Dad hadn’t sharpened the ax. Sadly, he told me he though it came sharp. Ummmm, Nooooo! Then you could rob the store that sells them with it … LOL … Really??? So I have been trying to chop firewood all day with a dull ax. In his defense he did sharpen it when he got home. Which brings me to the next issue.

It all started with Storm. She got a cold. Then like a bunch of little kids the horses have started to pass it around. Precious was next to start treatment. Mom took time out of her day the other day to talk to Doc and he had told her so start them all on Medication. She in turn told Dad and I. However, Dad and I decided we would only start the medication if and when the other horses showed signs of a cold.

So today I had to go get Star a shot. She will have a longer lasting shot as she isn’t as tame as I would like her to be for getting daily shots for 5 days. After Dad got home he helped me doctor her while Mom went to clean up the barn and set up the jugs for the sheep. Boy was she mad when she saw how Dad and I left the barn over the last few days. I have to admit it wasn’t pretty, or clean for that matter. She got a bit upset as she has visitors coming and Dad and I knew it but did nothing to fix the mess we made. Honestly, I really didn’t think it was all that bad, until I saw Mom’s clean that is … LOL

Then tonight at chores Derf started showing signs of the cold … At this point Dad and I had a a few choice words and it was decided that Doc was right. All horses are now getting treatment so they don’t keep this Cold going and going and going …

We ended the day with Mom finishing cleaning up the cat issues as it turned out that we missed a spot this morning when we went to cleaning everything up. Word to the wise Don’t have a hand wash only comforter and pets that have accidents. And just so I can end this post on an up note I did a bit of calculating and I am thinking that lambing season will begin just after we get home from Winter Woolfest!!!

Getting ready

So today it was really wet so all I could do is ride. I did take time to go check the cattle on the pasture. They all were fine and the pond is full. It is also very wet meaning we are out of drought conditions … LOL. The rest of my day was spent getting ready.

First I spent the day getting the house ready with Mom. We tumbled about 10 Fleece and got them ready for Wamego. Then we took all the church donations to the church to get the house ready for visits this week. Mom has been itching for lambing season this year so tomorrow she plans on getting the barn ready. I helped out by cleaning up all the saddles Storm knocked down and even moved her out of the barn to an outside pen since she is now done with her treatment.

Then tonight I did a bit of dumbie roping getting ready for this weekends ropings … And this blog post is getting me ready to do a daily post once lambing season starts!! Yessirree Bob, I spent the day getting ready for just about everything … LOL

Podcast and roping

Today I started my very wet day podcasting with Mom after chores. Then I took time to doctor the horses and anything else I thought of while I was at it. We did notice Jethro on High alert but never did figure out what he was watching for. After that I headed out to another roping. I had fun as this time I took Ice for the first time in awhile. We did okay and brought home second place in the team roping. Other then that it is just us staying in and keeping warm.

Farm Call, Ice and Roping

Today I started my day out heading to another farm. We got a call about the small starter flock I sold a few years back. The young owner had lost the ram some months back and now one of the ewes was showing the same signs. When I got out there I looked everything over. I ruled out any weeds from poisonous plants as they are in a dry lot situation. While I was there Doc returned my call about another Matter I will share with you in a minute so we put our heads together and came up with a plan. We thought the fleece break may have been caused by an external Parasite so I wormed them with a different wormer that would take care of it. We couldn’t rule out an infection thanks to our weird weather. So if they did get a fever with a cold of some kind we took care of it by giving a broad spectrum antibiotic. I also thought they were a little thin as she was still adjusting their feed up slowly when the bad weather hit and had them shivering it all off so I gave some vitamins as well. With all the bases covered I think they should be just fine. She will continue to work on upping their feed for the winter and that should help as well.

After that I headed home. I have to deal with Precious. I had called Doc as I found Precious also has a cough and a running nose this morning. Doc said that Storm could have shared her cold but he can’t rule out the crazy weather causing it either so at this point any and all horses that show signs of a cough or runny nose will get a shot of penicillin. This weather is crazy and messing with all kinds of animals. Just days ago it was 70 now an ice storm and next week back in the 60s. Crazy I tell you … Just Crazy!!!

After all the animal issues where taken care of I headed to a roping. Sadly I sucked. I didn’t do any good at all. I even missed some of the calves. Oh well, you can’t be good all the time … I guess I am blessed that I got to go at all. Anyway, when I got home Mom had chili waiting. It was a good thing to all it started to down pour about half way through chores and we got soaked to the bone. I am off to bed now to see if I can get some sleep and do it all again tomorrow.