Not much of anything

Today Mom and I slept in a bit. We woke up with headaches so we didn’t get up until 9am. After chores Mom set out to get a bit of cleaning done before Christmas. As for me I headed out to work the horses and check the pond. During the bad weather when the pond freezes we pen the horses and Cattle up so that we don’t lose anything due to the ice. The pond hasn’t thawed out since the cold snap last weekend. I keep watch everyday but I know by this weekend it will be thawed as it is suppose to get up to almost 70 Christmas Day.

Anyway, after working the horses Mom took me to help a fellow roper break in 50 head of roping calves. I took three horses and had fun. Now if I can just kick this cold before Christmas. Any tricks or suggestions on how to do that???

4 thoughts on “Not much of anything

  1. I’m wondering if the headaches might be related to the flue being blocked, even if briefly. When smoke gets in the house, that means you breathe it, too. I know you’re both outside a lot and that helps but maybe you were inside and the smoke was still there?

    Anyhow, the usual for a cold — rest, hot liquids, extra citrus (vitamin C), more rest, etc. Either way, it seems to take the same amount of time to go away but you feel a little less awful while you rest, drink hot liquids, etc. Hope you’re both better soon.

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