Mustang Cabin Fever

I can’t take it anymore …. and it has only been a two days since we got the news!!  Mom is driving me crazy.  Between Christmas and the Mustang any normally sane person would have gone nuts by now. Now lock us in with super cold weather and I am telling you, she is CRAZY!!!!

I am sure most of you know that Mom is all about Christmas.  She loves the season and everything about it.  Baking and give cookies, Listening to the music, the big meals and even the weather.  And it is the weather that has us locked inside with all Mom craziness.  By Craziness I mean we aren’t going hungry.  We have cookies, a ham, a roast and soups. Not to mention a half eaten Gingerbread house… Okay so Dad and I helped ourselves to a bit of the house here and there.  LOL

Anyway, Friday Mom got the call that her second Mustang has made it to the pick up point in Pauls Valley. She really wanted to go get her the minute she got the call but thanks to drizzling rain they wouldn’t let her. They told her Tuesday was the earliest that they would load the mustang out. So Mom said we would be there Tuesday at 8am … LOL

Now she is like a kid waiting for something to happen. You know that feeling you used to get as a kid waiting for Christmas to come. Or Getting excited about a birthday party or dance. Well, Mom is like a kid on Candy waiting to go get this new girl. She has been all over me to post here to get some ideas for a name for this girl. So Here I am finally giving in and asking all of you to comment on names for the new mustang.

So here she is … She is 2 years old and has been worked with a bit at the Mantle Ranch in Wyoming before coming to us.



So if you have any ideas for a name please, PLEASE!!!! let me know as Mom is coming up with all kinds of silly names … things like pancake, waffle, snow, cold … Basically every word out of her mouth she asks would that make a good name for the new mustang mare???

6 thoughts on “Mustang Cabin Fever

  1. A name for your mustang…First one that comes to mind is Molly or how about Mia? Or Mary, Marie, Meghan, or Marnie? Since she’s a mare, why not give her a girl’s name?

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  2. How about Rain? Like off Spirit, the movie. She is so gorgeous. I am jealous. I want a Mustang soooooo bad. Christy, you’re going to have to hook me up with your mustang people once we move back and get some land and RJ, you’re gonna have to train it for me!

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